Introducing of

Introducing of

By Cedzy | Highpay-pool | 7 Oct 2019

Introducing: is a website where you can mine several altcoins at once. You’re mined coins can be payed out. You also can deposit some coins.

Its a JAVASCRIPT Web-miner, through the miner you will earn XMR or WEB and we will convert that into other cryptocurrencies. 

You also can deposit BTC or GRC more currencies will come. You can exchange BTC or GRC instant into a other currencies with low fees.



Our strategy now:

We want to design our service also for people who aren’t know much about cryptocurrency and mining. Also we currently plan a ad campaign, to get more user and to increase the payout rates. Please spread the site and let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this site.




For special users:

If you would like to make a positive video about our site, that would be really great. We would support you with a little donation, visit our discord for more information.


If you have more question please ask!




I am the owner of and I would like to publish some news about the site.


Here you will get the newest news about!

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