One Satoshi, From Which National Money Are More Valuable?
One Satoshi, From Which National Money Are More Valuable?

By SkyLords | heplike | 4 Sep 2019

This is very important information, we are among the people who witnessed history. Currently the currencies of the countries listed below are lower than 1 satoshi. So 1 satoshi is now past the value of these moneys. This is an event that will go down in history and we have witnessed the history of us who have learned this information.

As of 05.09.2019, 0.00000001 Bitcoin that is 1 satoshi 0.00011 US Dollars.

0.00000001 Bitcoin worth more than 1 of the following currencies:

1- Iranian Rial (1 piece = 0.000024 USD)
2- Vietnamese Dong (1 piece = 0,000043 USD)
3- Indonesian Rupiah (1 piece = 0,000070 USD)
4- Guinean Franc (1 piece = 0.00011 USD)
5- Sierra Leonean Leone (1 piece = 0.00011 USD)
6- Laotian Kip (1 piece = 0.00011 USD)
7- Uzbekistan Som (1 piece = 0,00011 USD)
8- Venezuelan Bolivar (1 piece = 0,000043 USD)

The list you see above has gone down in history and I shared it because I think this should be a historical document here. This list may perhaps increase in the future.


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