1- Turkey's provinces (Adana)

1- Turkey's provinces (Adana)

By SkyLords | heplike | 29 Apr 2019

I will introduce you to the provinces of Turkey in this topic.


The purple area is the Southeastern Anatolia Region.


Adana is the sixth most populous city in Turkey. Adana is located in Southeastern Anatolia Region. According to 2018 data, it has a population of 2.220.125. The surface area of ​​the province is 13,844 km². In Adana, there is 160 people per km². Adana has 15 districts and municipalities. There are 831 neighborhoods in these districts. The licence plate of Adana province is 01.


Places to visit in Adana.


1- Sabancı Merkez Camii (Sabancı Central Mosque)

The Sabancı Central Mosque was opened in 1998 in the south of the Merkez Park, in the Resatbey district of Adana and on the west coast of the Seyhan River. It is considered to be the largest mosque in the Balkans and the Middle East because it provides worship to 28,500 people.


2- Taşköprü (Stone Bridge)

Taşköprü (Stone Bridge) is a bridge connecting the shores of Adana and Karşıyaka on the Seyhan River in the city center of Adana. The bridge, considered to be the symbol of Adana, is a Roman period work. It is reported that Taşköprü was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and seriously repaired during the time of Roman Emperor 1. Justinian.



3- Tarihi Büyük Saat Kulesi (Historical Big Clock Tower)

The construction of the Great Clock began with Ziya Pasha and was completed in 1882 (in the time of Abidin Pasha). The Great Hour has been seen as a symbol of modernization in history.



4- Merkez Park (Central Park)

The Central Park is a 33-hectare city park on both sides of the Seyhan River. The park was opened in 2004, between the Sabancı Central Mosque in the south and the Galleria shopping center in the north. Turkey is the largest park.



5- Atatürk Parkı

Decorated with colorful flowers, Ataturk Park is one of the favorite places for holidaymakers with its green nature. You can relax and have a good time in Adana Atatürk Park which has beautiful beauty.



6- Adana Ulu Camii (Adana Grand Mosque)

Ramazanogullari Mosque or Grand Mosque of Adana is a historical mosque from the 16th century in Adana. The mosque, which is the masterpiece of the Ramazanogullari Principality, is one of the most important historical buildings of the city. Until the opening of the Sabancı Center Mosque in 1998, it remained the largest mosque in Adana.



7- Yağ Camii (The Oil Mosque)

The Oil Mosque (Yağ Camii) or the Old Mosque of Adana is a historical mosque in the center of Adana.After the Armenian Saint Jacgues Church was turned into a mosque by the order of Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey in 1501, a new mosque was built by Halil Bey's son Piri Mehmet Pasha upon his being insufficient to meet the needs of the region. The mosque, which was completed in 1525, is a madrasah and a complex. The construction of the madrasa was completed in 1558.



8- Adana Atatürk Evi Müzesi (Adana Atatürk House Museum)

Adana Atatürk House Museum, Suphi Pasha House, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to Adana in 1923, was arranged as Atatürk House Museum in 1981 due to Atatürk's 100th birthday.



9- Bebekli Kilise (Bebekli Church)

Bebekli Church or St. Paul's Church is an Italian catholic church in the center of Adana, which was built between 1880 and 1990, with the bronze statue of Mary on it.



10- Şakir Paşa Konağı (Şakir Pasha Mansion)

The plan of the building, which consists of a ground floor and a floor, is square, and the building has two entrances; The ceilings are laid in wood, parallel, the windows are arched in the original but today the arches are closed and turned into rectangles. There are two rooms in the east and a single room in the west. There are doors opening to the north and south of the central hall, with wooden buttresses on the axis of the entrance gates, and doors opening to the wooden terrace that has three (north, south, east) sides. However, the terrace was demolished; There is a wooden staircase leading up to the attic floor placed in a staircase that is reached by a narrow corridor from the upper floor. This staircase leads to the Cihannüm. The top cover made of wood is made of wooden material. Cihannüm opens to the south from the door to the terrace is reached. The top cover of the structure is the wooden roofing roof.



11- Adana Sinema Müzesi (Adana Cinema Museum)

Adana Cinema Museum is located in the city of Adana in Turkey. The museum was set up in an old Adana house on 23 September 2011 and is located in the Seyhan District of the Seyhan River, west of the Seyhan River. Especially the works related to the city-specific directors, actors and producers are introduced.



12- Sevgi Adası (Sevgi Island)

Sevgi Island; located on the side of Çukurova which is one of the central town of Adana/Turkey is on the Seyhan River. Access to the island is possible only by water vehicles on the river. The peninsula, which is located near to it and is connected to the coast, is a famous picnic area of ​​the people live in Adana.



13- Adana Etnografya Müzesi (Adana Ethnography Museum)

The church, which was built in Kuruköprü in 1845 and later abandoned, was organized as a museum after 1924. After the works were moved to the new museum building in 1972, the church was restored and in 1983 it was converted into an ethnography museum. The village of Çukurova and Toroslar'da living in a very rich belongings belonging to the Nomad.


Other places to visit in Adana:

14- Lunapark (Fun Fair)

15- Tarihi Küçük Saat Meydanı (Historic Little Clock Square)

16- İnönü Parkı (inönü Park)

17- Kuruköprü Anıt müzesi ve geleneksel Adana Evi (Kuruköprü Monumental museum and traditional Adana House)

18- Doğal Park (Natural Park)

19- Seyhan Barajı (Seyhan Dam)

20- Sakıp Sabancı Parkı (Sakıp Sabancı Park)

21- Ziya Paşa Parkı (Ziya Pasha Park)

22- Mavi Su Aqualand (Blue Water Aqualand)

23- Eski Baraj Parkı (Old Dam Park)

24- Tepebağ Höyük

25- Adana Arkeoloji Müzesi (Adana Archeology Museum)

26- Jurassic Park Doğa Yıldız

27- Ramazanoğlu Medresesi (Ramazanoğlu Madrasah)

28- Zübeyde Hanım Parkı

29- Altın Koza Parkı (Golden Cocoon Park)

30- Adana Müzesi (Adana Museum)


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