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Thank you Mr X

By Peibol666 | My dear hater | 17 Jul 2023


A few weeks ago I stopped logging into Publish0x so often. But thanks to a hater (yes, a hater in an account with four posts) who has left a comment insulting me and calling me a thief, I have become a little more interested again.

I have written a post asking for help and shraing it in telegram, just to knwon what is the better way to handdle it. I have read some posts along the way and I have left some tips.

The post i wrote is probably the most notorious i did, and the one who has received the most tips.

I have decided to use this blog to write posts every time this individual continues to do his thing, given to receive insults, it will be necessary to invest them well

I can't do anything but thank Mr X for his hate, so thnak you, and keep hating, thanks my dear friend!

And thanks for the people of telegram and the suport team of Publish0x.



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A guy with no experience speaking about his experiences.

My dear hater
My dear hater

I will tell you the adventures of my loving friend (yes, it's one person).

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