Vernacademia Season 1: Episode 27: Roles in Game Development

Vernacademia Season 1: Episode 27: Roles in Game Development

By Red Coat | The Vernaculog | 16 Sep 2021

In this cast, we talk about the different development roles (or hats) that members of a game team can take on, and the complications inherent to developing a game product.

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Vernacademia S1:E27 Rumble Link

Cliff Notes:
00:05 Intro to Subject
00:37 The Designer Hats
04:09 The Art Hats
06:20 Making 3D Models
08:00 The Programming Hats
14:13 The Production Hats
16:34 Promoting Communication
18:40 Integration of Disciplines
21:19 Schedule Management
23:04 Marketing and Schedules
25:49 Money Management
26:54 Salary vs. Wage
27:52 Low Work/High Work and Scheduling
31:04 Skillsets and Scheduling Complications
32:05 Polish

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Red Coat
Red Coat

I'm a game designer that dabbles in writing, music creation, and general content production

The Vernaculog
The Vernaculog

Hey there! I'm Red Coat, founder of Vernacular Games, amateur game designer, music composer, writer and (according to most people) an all around good guy. So what can you expect to hear from me? I'll talk a bit about some projects that myself or my teams are working on, comment on company culture in the tech industry, talk about various concepts in game design and even wax philosophical about this or that thing. So hello to you dear reader. I hope to add a little more value to your day. Ciao for now.

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