How to control anxiety disorder naturally

What is anxiety ?

Population of anxiety disorder people is increasing exponentially every single day. This is mainly because of the busy life style, junk food and addictions.

In fact anxiety is a natural phenomenon in our body. In fact it is much helpful in tackling the fight or fly situation.

Let's try to understand with an example.

Consider you driving a car on highway at a speed of 120 Km/H . Suddenly you saw a biker coming in opposite direction and likely to collide with your car. In this situation brain releases Adrenalin hormones, which triggers anxiety in your brain and you suddenly applies the brake to save yourself from a possible accident.

So anxiety get triggered in our brain in day -to -day life and its natural.

What is anxiety disorder ?

Problem comes when the triggering of anxiety becomes very frequent and irrational. Also when the duration of anxiety in brain becomes proportional to the event happened.

Look at the above example again. You applied panic braking to avoid a collision, that's because of anxiety and it good. But after the situation is over, the level of anxiety should decrease soon.

Suppose in the situation remain for a long time, it will create anxiety disorder. The consequences will be the development of fear for driving.

Hopefully you have understood the meaning of both anxiety and anxiety disorder from the above example.

How to treat it anxiety?

There are many modern medicine are already there to tackle anxiety. But they always comes with the hidden side effect. In many studies it has already been seen that, these medicines have a really adverse effect in long term.

We must look at the root cause behind anxiety and try to tackle the problem right from the point where it actually developed. Again this will be natural, without any side effect and most importantly effective.

With modern medicine you may see instant result, but it will be temporary. It will eventually make habit to take medicine in long term. They never try to treat it from the root. 

So lets try to understand the root cause behind anxiety and how to cure it. Before that have a look on different types of anxiety disorder.

Types of anxiety disorder 

There are major three types of anxiety disorders as mention below :

  • Phobia
  • Excessive thinking 
  • Trauma related

Phobia :

This is the fear of a specific object or event. This type of fear is usually irrational. Like fear of certain animal, or fear to attain a social event or fear of a person etc.

This happens when a person losses control over his thoughts or emotion, even though he knows it is irrational.

Excessive thinking :

When we think about a person or object for a long time more intensely, this type of anxiety disorder happens. Such type of disorders develops in a long term. As per an example, an event of past or a past memory which hurts you. The more you think about that, more the anxiety develops.

Trauma :

Sometimes sudden or unexpected death of loved one creates trauma. We start to think more and more about the person and unknowingly develop the anxiety disorder.



If you can analyse your life style, then there is a possibility that you can understand if you are suffering from anxiety disorders.

Some symptoms are :

  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate (even while simply sitting or sleeping)
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Fear of an object
  • Nervousness (which is irrational)

Control anxiety disorder naturally

So if you feel you have any mentioned symptom above, then nothing to be worried. Its not a disease. With adaptations of simple habit and changing the life style slightly, you can get rid of this very easily without any side effect.

The root cause of all types of the anxiety disorders is always associated with thinking. So if we can control the thoughts, it would be very easy to get out of any thinking instantly.

Very simple, no thoughts mean no anxiety. So you need to check those thinking. But how?

Meditation :

Meditation is far way effective and efficient compared to medication. Its free, it has no side effect and it is easy to do.

Though there are many types of meditation processes are there, all have the same goal. To reduce or limit the thoughts or strictly limited only to positive and energetic thoughts.

The simplest one to start is breathing meditation. Here you just have to focus on your breathing. Look the way you breath, enjoy the pattern. If you get diverted to some other thoughts, don't be worried. Again start concentrating on the breath.

It takes time to master, but you must not lose hope. Be optimistic and practice. In a week or two you can start enjoying the addiction of meditation.

Meditation limits the thoughts, relaxes your body and increases awareness. You can practice this in any posture you like.

Stop thinking irrational :

Most of the fear in our mind are created because of the memories of past. We can't change the time or memory. So no need to think more about those past memories.

Worries develops when we start excessive thinking about the future.

Try live in present, enjoy this moment. No past, no future, live only in present. This is the best way to keep most of the fear and worries away from you.

Nature has a solution :

Involve yourself with the nature. They have the power to swing your mood. 

Those open sky, green forest, streaming river, warming wind, all have a positive impact on our thinking.

Just stand under the open sky and feel the wind, you ll instantly feel the difference. Even now you can try this. Its from my personal experience. If you are in a metropolitan city and have no access to nature, at least try to listen to some natural sounds with head phone on and lights off.

Exercise :

We all know exercise is good for health. But it good for mind too.

Even walking for just 20 minutes a day can protect you from both depression and anxiety.

If possible twice a week try to hit the gym too.

Brain exercise :

Brain is the industry where complex machine, your mind manufactures thoughts.

So its really important to keep your brain healthy, it will automatically control the generation of thought.

Once in a week, analyse the memories of past, keep the positive ones and erase the rest. Erase mean, be sure not to rethink those negative memories ever in life.

Just practice for some days, then it will become a habit. 



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Healthy and happy mind !!
Healthy and happy mind !!

Mind is the most complex machine, which can produce millions of thoughts every single second. We all are lucky to have such a powerful machine. Once we learn how to control our mind, life will be much more happier and enjoyable.

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