Claim $5,000 in Atari Tokens and rewards

Dear Friends and investors

I might regret this post, because by creating this post i am actually creating competition for myself... Well, i guess, I am a generous god!

Long story short: you have to complete some small social media tasks to earn something called "Entries" this are the chances for you to get a piece of the cake. more entries more changes.

Here is the official text of the competition.

In celebration of the recent partnership and the upcoming Atari token launch, Atari and Arkane Network, along with three well-known games in the blockchain gaming space, are hosting a competition with $5,000 in various tokens and dozens of in-game NFTs to more than 100 lucky winners. The event will last until September 18th!

Participants will claim $5,000 in Atari Tokens and rewards from three popular blockchain games, The SandboxBattle Racers, and Etheremon. Additional prizes include SAND Tokens (which recently Launched an IEO on Binance) and in-game NFT’s, Emont Tokens and NFT’s, and Battle Racers golden crates.

The process to join is extremely easy, you are required to do some simple social media tasks and for those who want to do the extra mile, show-off your mons or even create a video for the Sandbox game. Follow the instruction on the gleam platform and get started.

Be quick the competition ends on 18th of September 2020

Here is the link to WIN INCREDIBLE PRICES



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