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That old FARM can do it

By malemz | Harvest Finance (FARM) | 27 Jan 2021


Keep it simple.

So, this is a very simple way to get some extra cash to help you fill up your crypto bag a lot more easier and faster.

So, If you don’t have Metamask wallet yet, you can install it onto your chrome or brave browser. Then, follow as instructed below.

  • Fund your Metamask wallet with ETH
  • In your metamask wallet, create a token name FARM
  • Open up Uniswap and connect your metamask wallet to Uniswap, and buy some FARM tokens. In this process you will have to create and import FARM token. Click on manage tokens to be able to do that.
  • Go to Harvest Finance and stake your FARM tokens. You will have to deposit your FARM tokens onto Harvest Finance protocol.
  • Note that you do not just deposit your FARM tokens to Harvest Finance. Make sure you stake them. 

Enjoy! BTW, please say hi to Vinson and Petesin. 

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Harvest Finance (FARM)
Harvest Finance (FARM)

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