First one
First one


This is my first "Blog" ever,  i made a wix site with my pictures just before this, so u will notice how i will expand my knowlegde and techniques will improve just as my paintings and photos did in time,



This is one of my favorites ive painted on Mspaint windows 7,    took me  a cup of days and about 50 diffrent versions,  i mention earlier i cant draw in description, i will show u want i mean but here is end result



For me this picture was the coolest thing i've seen,  i could stare for hours listening to the same song i was using for inspiration,  i always do that,   i pump the same song hour after hour, sometimes i change the song and the picture change aswell,     My biggest inspiration songs/music/lyrics comes from the Artist and singer David Drainman from Disturbed,   also Corey Taylor from slipknot,  they just know how to touch your'e feelings, 


Here is sum of my favorites








So this whats for today,   will try  to add more stuff everyday,   also my photography will be posted

plz comment on my pics 



Im an artist, paint mostly, just started taking photograph, and tryin to express myself though my art, hope u like it

Gudliks Photography and Artworks
Gudliks Photography and Artworks

Bought a Mavic mini , then a mavic 2 pro the same month and fell in love with photography, i also Paint, my paintings take hours, days, years, i cant really say i can draw if u would say "paint this banana" ill fail the images is straight from my mind, its more of a feeling, and Most People see diffrent things in my paintings. And some even feel. Welcome

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