"Constant paranoia surrounds me,  Everyone i see is out to get me"
"Constant paranoia surrounds me,  Everyone i see is out to get me"
"Constant paranoia surrounds me,  Everyone i see is out to get me"



This isnt the original picture,   the original had text to it sayin "Constant paranoia surrounds me,  Everyone i see is out to get me"

i trusted Onedrive with most of my pictures cant seem to find em all,   there is a lecture on the psychological affect when on drugs written about me, my name is never mention but the person who wrote it told me it was, she uses my pictures, this one she she found and told me that this is very special to her and speaks to her and she uses alot and ask peps what might the artist been felt or feeling during the time he painted this.   


i had masspsychosis for months, years.  cant really tell,  it was horrific,  it was a dream but real,  imagine bein afraid of youre own sounds,  it was acctually during a time people thought i was drug free,  i was on parole,  see im no criminal or never been tough like that i just found myself in dire suitionens that i should never been in,  anyway,   i was givin meds,  

Ritalin to be precise,  but i bought more on the side,   and with more i mean ALOT,  it wrecked me more then the opiats did more then the Mdma more then all i used,   Ritalin is pure poison,  its act so fast and reward youre brain,  its hits heavier then amfetamins,  and u come down (not really but, u want more feelin)  after aproxx 30 min.  I'm glad they started to use Dexamfetamins now,  or Adderal.  but Adderal is 15-25% Levamfetamin, 75% Dex,    Lev is latin for left , dex for right,   dex acts as u can guess on the right side of the brain and is easier on youre body and u dont get thoose ticks u often see with meth addicts,  cuz meth is like 90% lev,  100 even idk tbh,   just that lev is gives u the kick the shivs and the hard comedown,   

I kinda lost myself there writing haha,  me myself now i am given Attentin wich is Dexamfetaminsulfat for my Adhd, so anyway

i lived in total fear day after day, findin places in my home to hide emergency weapon for every single scenerio,  i spent hours barragading my door,  planing for if they come trough the sealin 

if they were gonna blow up the door? so couldnt sleep in "explosive zone"   


its late now again and ive been busy im gonna continue the story tommorow,  will post som pics down below ive painted meanwhile

""sry all typo's and such will be fixed for easier reading ""



 Here is some pictures ive made u might wanna deflect upon, and btw,  this one with text isnt the original either is one of them with text only.  351665157-c5a0ee8c5cb852ab00b93fcc8ff79898a104f0cfe99b69c3996af8d612ac9fed.jpeg




The pic here is actually me,  a photo of me i put a filter on and started to paint and added that text

351665157-5d4f86dda23ec5845de0cedb746e024a58b8ec0d5de19a5f0fb0a3ab9358849b.jpeg   SAME with this one, more obvious tho




good night 


Im an artist, paint mostly, just started taking photograph, and tryin to express myself though my art, hope u like it

Gudliks Photography and Artworks
Gudliks Photography and Artworks

Bought a Mavic mini , then a mavic 2 pro the same month and fell in love with photography, i also Paint, my paintings take hours, days, years, i cant really say i can draw if u would say "paint this banana" ill fail the images is straight from my mind, its more of a feeling, and Most People see diffrent things in my paintings. And some even feel. Welcome

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