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By Grumpybrit | Grumpy Rant | 4 Oct 2020

Earn while you browse, and why not.  Netbox browser a Chromium based browser, runs on it's own blockchain, the Netbox.Chain is based on the PivX open source blockchain.

I've been running it for a few months now on windows, which until now was the only system to run it, they have now released a version for Ubuntu/Linux and they are also working on MacOS and mobile versions.  Can't say I've had any issues running/using it.  Payouts for activity and staking are regularly paid out daily with no fuss.  They recently added a Lottery, each ticket cost 15 NBX there's a 65% chance to win 20 NBX back, the jackpot can be seen here.

The latest update brought group tabs and api upgrades, also the updates are regular.  They have a Discord channel to, this is for basic support, you'd have to use the support e-mail for major things.   

I've had no problem running any extensions, if it runs on Chrome then it'll work on Netbox.  If you fancy having a look, remember, this as it's own blockchain so you'll have to wait for it to sync, make sure you've saved you passphrase safely and jotted down ya passwords and use like any other browser.

If you use my referral you'll get 20 NBX free plus 1 for wallet creation.  After a week of activity you will get another 3 and 6 more after a month, you'll only get the free coins if you are active.

Take care and stay safe.



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Grumpy Rant

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