Grumps personal ramblings #6

Grumps personal ramblings #6

By Grumpybrit | Grumpy Rant | 24 May 2020

Yet another lesson learnt today.  

Wanted to sell 12 ETC, for some reason I sent it to coinbase and not Binance to sell.  When I checked how many network confirmations needed I was thinking somewhere round 60, I was so wrong, coinbase want 5676 confirmations. 

Don't think I've come across any coin needing that amount of confirmations before, WTF coinbase.  I'm at 993 after 4 hours. Wish I sent it to Binance or anywhere else other than coinbase.  

Why is it only 60 on Binanace but this ridicules amount on coinbase? 

It's a lesson to me not to send anything to coinbase other than BTC to cash out until I find a better on/off ramp.

Update:- Found another figure on coinbase of 3527 now I have no idea which is correct lol


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Grumpy Rant
Grumpy Rant

A Grumpy Brit, Endlessly curious, annoyingly argumentative <--(Thanks @Dikenh0ff for that one) always trying to cheer my self up with Crypto, Computers, Tech and talking utter shit.

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