The irony scam - New scam method -Investigation part 3 - Suspended domains

By GranRethory | GranRethory | 1 Jun 2019

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After several days communicating through emails, to make Namecheap (where they registered ALL the domains) did something, today they finally did something, at 20% but something is something.

I just got an email telling me that the domains involved have been suspended at the end, but what's more, Namecheap refuses to suspend the others, making silly excuses (you see that the scammer is profitable customer).

It's really a pity that a company is so well-known, that it is a favoritism to scams, it is very evident that all the domains were created only to promote this scam, but anyway.

Only one battle has been won ...

Seeing this, I recommend ... move away as much as you can from





Something to highlight:



Something to highlight: It took 3 days for NameCheap to investigate this case ...

Investigate something that was already 100% investigated ... (Yes, I sent you the two links of my research)


Investigate something that took me a total of 2 hours to investigate ...

Without words ... without words ... there is not much to say about NameCheap.


The only thing I've seen, is that they throw the ball between one hosting company to another, no one wants to take responsibility, (NameCheap - Goddady) beyond that both companies are in some way involved in all this and have a responsibility what to fulfill.


Want to know something that makes these hosting companies really sad?


Today report to @igort about a potential security problem (

He acted immediately, immediately went to work on the problem and immediately remedied it.
We here are safer than anywhere else.

Thanks to the team of and especially to @igort for taking this project seriously and for keeping us safe.

A small team, we are more secure than companies with huge teams that have years of experience.






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