The irony scam - New scam method - (English version)

By GranRethory | GranRethory | 26 May 2019

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Hello guys here in Publishox one more day, bringing to you the new scams so that they are prevented


Today, I will bring you a really FANTASTIC scam, which I call "The Irony Scam"
But why do you call her that? let's see, according to the dictionary (in google)
It defines Ironia as "Situation or fact that turns out to be totally contrary to what was expected or that marks a strong contrast with it."


Well, having this clear. Let's see what this scam consists of.

Surely, many of us have never called and been cut off, or we have simply missed such a call.
Then, as google makes life a lot easier (at least technology), we often try to search Google for who it is or what company or company
the number belongs.


So when we proceed to search we find something like this.







Then you have happily found the number on a page that groups many numbers, but here is something strange ...
First of all, no number has Link. There is only the number but without any information.

Beyond that, we notice that error (coincidentally it is in a red box that will catch our attention)

And we noticed that there is Login with a direction
A username
and an "encrypted" password





... WTF? Show? Maybe I can see the password? let's press




Then we click on the link and when we go to the site we realize that it asks for username and password, then we enter the one that gives us
the api "errored or bugued" (already at this point we know that it is false)

With the heart already accelerated and at full steam, we copy and paste the credentials and press "Log In"





Upon entering, and stunned we see that the account has a balance of ฿ 4.98748000 equivalent to $ 39960.58 dollars




What you think?
Omg !!! I have to withdraw this money NOW! the fool has been careless and now thanks to that his money will be MINE !!!! muuuuaajajajaajajaajajajaaja






Then we go very quickly to "Transfer" then to "To another wallet"
and we seek at the speed of light our Bitcoin Address to steal EVERYTHING !!! muaajajajaj I will be rich !!!!






Quickly and almost tripping over everything in the house, we rush to copy and paste our wallet (before another realizes)
 and we choose to remove it ALL.






But we realize that it asks to confirm email then we change it





when we change it we get the email that we enter the verification of change and we verify it and we continue with the theft.





Then we try again:
we fill everything quickly and press Send





Then almost to tears of emotion we give you to confirm

but we found that the minimum to withdraw are 5 Bitcoins
the message
"You can not transfer less than your Minimum Withdrawal Amount (5 BTC)."





then paying attention to the "system" you try to change the minimum to withdraw to be able to withdraw everything

But no!!! Damn, you can not change that, the field is blocked ...






Then meditating how to remove the booty to celebrate big in the weekend you come up with the best idea of ​​all

You say ... ok ... I send you my bitcoins to complete the minimum that the system has configured to remove and then remove everything together including yours.

You go happily to "Deposit" copies the address that the system gives you and you paste it into your wallet to send.






But just in case to send 0.3 bitcoins directly, you will recover it afterwards...



After the shipment,
you realize that although you have several confirmations, the balance in the account you want to steal, never increases, and you can never withdraw that money.



Feelings invade your person, something going on here, have I been cheated?
You deny that it is a scam and that they find you fish, then you think I will communicate with the support, they will help me.
You come and ...
Send a message to support



But they never answer you




The scam is consummated ...

They will never answer you, and if they do it will surely be to ask you to enter more money because you have to verify or some silly excuse.

It is all designed to steal you and make you believe that you are the one who steals,

Honestly when I saw this, everything seemed strange to me, obviously I did not send any bitcoins because I do not usually trust anything
and less in having SO MUCH LUCK, obviously I started to investigate what it was and indeed it was a scam, besides

if you enter to

you find an unprotected panel where you can see all the messages that the victims have sent and where the fraudster probably asks for more money.




I have found several sites doing exactly the same scam and all apparently are from the same person because they are using exactly the same web application
and the methodology is the same, in short everything is the same

I have taken the trouble to thoroughly investigate this so that you do not fall unprepared

But I will be honest this scam has ENCHANTED me because the irony is present in all its splendor YOU WANT TO STEAL, BUT YOU END THEY BE STOLEN

Note: Links source and other sites making the same scam:



Second Part in:





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