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Web3 DOOR IoT Community - Dutch Auction Is Live

By Ari King | IoT: The People's Network | 13 May 2022

30 days after going live, DOOR+ is growing it's 12K+ user base as we prepare to lock in advertisers.


As of 10a.m. EST,  The May 13th DOOR Coin Public Auction is now live. 


The Auction will be open until all tokens in the Pool are sold.
The format is a Dutch Auction where the price per token will start at .04 and reduce to .005.
The price will adjust each hour by .01 (and lastly .005).


Up to 300M Tokens will be sold during the auction (this depends on how many are put into the auction pool by holders who are part of the staking program that unlocks in July).


The tokens sold at Auction will be locked and not effect the market price of DOOR.


In conjunction with the Auction, 2.8B DOOR tokens will be burned which will reduce the total supply to 1.2B.


Finally, the 355M DOOR that are part of the Founders staking pool will be time-locked for 3 years where each month a percentage is unlocked starting Jan. 2023.


  • Year 1 will be 1% per month,
  • Year 2 will be 2% per month and
  • Year 3 will be 3% per month and the remaining unlocked at end of year 3. 


Paradigm Shift

DOOR is embracing the paradigm shift being driven by IoT, web3, and blockchain.


Web3 is about Ownership

Your Data. Your Money. Every view, click and form your fill out on the web is your data - and you should be compensated.


You are in Control

The decentralization of all businesses is inevitable. By using DOOR you are changing the way you are rewarded for viewing content and ads.


Everything will Change

DOOR is just one of many apps that are embracing web3 and decentralization. We hope to be a resource for you to help build the future.


DOOR+ is available in BETA. Our mission is to provide you quality content and applications that reward you for searching, clicking and viewing content in our app. Whether you are looking for the latest in crypto news or need to find a good restaurant - DOOR is the answer.


The DOOR+ App rewards you with:  


  • Daily click-to-earn DOOR Tokens
  • Earn DOOR for clicking on quality content (such as the latest news in the Crypto industry) and everyday applications.
  • Earn DOOR just for Searching businesses and places in your area.
To participate in the Dutch Auction, register at My DOOR Wallet. Participation instructions are available once you login to with the same login details used to register for the DOOR Wallet.


If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, please click here and start earning DOOR Coin. 🚪💰  



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Ari King
Ari King

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IoT: The People's Network
IoT: The People's Network

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