A simple way of selecting God.

By johnion | goole | 16 Mar 2022

In simple terms, faith is believing or confirming something that we ourselves do not know for certain. If interpreted according to the term, then faith is a belief that is believed to be true in the heart, spoken orally, and practiced with deeds. So if someone has known something with his own eyes, then this is not called faith anymore.

One of the most well-known beliefs is the belief in creation. We can see small things like computers or telephones that are so complex, that stuff like this doesn't appear suddenly. There must be someone who makes things like this. Moreover, a human body that is so perfect could not have appeared suddenly without a creator. And if we look at an even bigger one, namely the universe we live in today, logically it doesn't make sense if the universe appeared suddenly without anyone creating it.

By looking at the creation that is around us and even humans themselves, it can be ascertained that this creator is above all of his creations. There is a lot of information that this creator is God, with so much information about God, there are several criteria if you want to make something into God.

I find interesting things about the criteria for something to be called God, there are four criteria which are very simple. The first criterion to be God is that God must be Almighty. These criteria can be found in several religious scriptures, which can be seen at https://www.bible.com/bible/1/DEU.6.KJV and https://quran.com/112/1. So if you look at the criteria that are clearly written there, it can be concluded that if something is not "only one", then something does not meet God's criteria.

The next criterion for being able to say God is that something is God must not need anyone and on the contrary, everything must need God. So if someone claims to be God but needs to eat, drink, sleep, and other things like living things do, then that thing is not God. Next, we see that the criteria for something to become God are that God cannot be born nor give birth, because God is the highest, so it is impossible for God to have parents or have children.

Lastly, if there is something God says, then we check the criteria to become God is that God cannot be equal or equal to God. And this will make that God is above all and no one is above God. These are some of the criteria for determining whether something can be called God or not.



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