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Serena Williams: American tennis player01bd7af70051089270e3aa405cd246fb4f314f157f9bc86c6619a7cd75de3dd0.png

Born in Michigan in September 1981, Serena Williams is a world-famous American tennis player. To date, Serena Williams has won 39 Grand Slam titles, both singles and doubles as she also plays with her sister Venus. Taken together, her athletic results made Serena Williams the first player to win everything in her career - Grand Slam tournaments and the Olympics - in both singles and doubles.

Serena Williams claimed to have founded a venture capital firm in 2014, which has invested in several companies including the California crypto-exchange "Coinbase". In this regard, she explains, β€œI started Serena Ventures with the mission of providing opportunities for founders in many industries. Serena Ventures invests in companies that combine diverse leadership, individual empowerment and creativity ”. The official Serena Ventures website claims that its portfolio includes 30 companies, with a market capitalization of $ 12 billion. Some say that the choice of Coinbase comes as no surprise to Serena Williams since she is married to Alexis Ohanian who also invested in Coinbase in its early days.

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