Invest as little as $483 to be a Millionaire in 10 Years

Invest as little as $483 to be a Millionaire in 10 Years

By liquidocelot88 | Goldchartered | 4 May 2021


A low-risk, one-step, set-it-and-forget-it strategy with Cake DeFi


That seems like a pretty ridiculous headline, right? $500 to be a millionaire certainly feels too good to be true, but that’s the exact claim Cake DeFi’s Freezer calculator is making.


Using the calculator, I determined that freezing 142.192286 DFI for 10 years would yield an estimated $1,000,000. The current price of DFI is $3.61, and Cake DeFi offers a nice $30 sign-up bonus. So, here’s the math on this initial investment:

(142.192286 * $3.61) - $30 = $483.31

Okay, but how in the world are they coming up with this estimate? Well, they recently increased the staking APY for DFI to a whopping 98.4% which is paid and compounded every 12h, and then you earn bonus APY by locking your assets in their freezer.


The math actually checks out. I went to another compound interest calculator and plugged in the same values. A $513 investment that gains 113% APR will, in fact, grow to $1M over 10 years if the variables remain static.


That’s the big if, though: will the variables remain static? And what if they don’t?

The Cake DeFi calculator calls out two of these caveats. It says, “future lowering of block rewards and price changes are not considered for shown amounts.” Block rewards are a big deal because that’s the main contributor to that juicy 98% staking APY, and the price of DFI is arguably the most important factor.

Let’s say, for example, that 98% APY sticks around for 1 year then drop to something more modest, like 10%. Assuming DFI stays at its current price, the investment would only be worth $2,500, but that’s still a 5x return.

It’s unlikely that DFI will stay at $3.61, though. According to their 2021 Q1 transparency report, Cake DeFi’s number of users and value of locked assets tripled from Q4 to Q1. The value of DFI is up 10x since December 2020, although its movement has been mostly horizontal through March & April.


If Cake DeFi can continue to grow, DFI could certainly be worth several times its value, which would serve as a multiplier to that “somewhere between $2,500 and $1,000,000” estimated return.


The truth is, the whole thing is a gamble. 100% APY won’t last forever, but it is a thing today. DFI isn’t guaranteed to gain value, but it probably will. What I love about this investment, though, is the potential. Stashing a few hundred dollars into this to see what it becomes is exciting and fun, and the conservative estimates still seem pretty good compared to traditional banking.

If you don’t want to throw $500 at it, consider this: Cake DeFi will give you a $30 sign-up bonus when you deposit $50. $80 will get you about 22 DFI at today’s prices, and that looks pretty nice in the Freezer calculator, too!


Throwing $50 into Cake DeFi for an estimated $150k is pretty fun, even if it’s more likely to be something like $500.

Either way, I’m in. I’m locked for 10 years. Want to join me? Sign-up and start accumulating! 

It’s fun to think about, but I’m also trying to be abundantly clear that I do not expect to walk away with a million dollars. Use common sense. Don’t lock more than you can afford because there’s no way to get it back until it unfreezes. I like Cake DeFi. I think you will, too, but be sure to do your own research. Please note that the link above is an affiliate link. It will increase your sign-up bonus from $20 to $30 and give me a small reward, too.



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