GOGO Protocol partners with 0VIX Protocol

GOGO Protocol partners with 0VIX Protocol

By GOGO_Protocol | GOGO | 4 May 2022

Today is the day GOGO Protocol is officially partnering with 0VIX Protocol. Together, the two projects will leverage decentralized finance to new heights.

GOGO and 0VIX are rebuilding the financial industry, starting from the foundations with sustainable yields powered by 0VIX and all the way up to GOGO and DeFi for the masses!

How? Read on and find out!

(Pssst, the truly curious ones who make it to the end will find out about an exclusive 0VIX airdrop.)

GOGO is now also powered by 0VIX

Decentralized Finance is one of the fastest-growing sectors in crypto and for good reason. Users can finally bid farewell to the middleman and the unnecessary hassle of traditional banking. With DeFi, you get to retain ownership of your assets while earning much higher yields.

Despite all the benefits it offers, DeFi is still in its nascent stages and has some shortcomings that are often ignored by the majority of projects:

  • DeFi ecosystem can be volatile
  • Too complex for new users
  • Gas fees are too high
  • Losing your key gets you insta-rekt

GOGO is addressing all of these issues by constructing a frictionless user experience, an extra layer of security via NFT Smart Vaults, near gasless transactions, and a keyless non-custodial wallet proxy. Users will be able to enjoy all the advantages of DeFi without worrying about any potential problems — just as it should be! In addition, with GOGO your assets won’t be pooled with others. This allows for a more sophisticated, secure, yet dynamic approach to asset management.

One of our main goals at GOGO is to welcome the next big wave of users into DeFi and make their journey as seamlessly enjoyable as possible. GOGO is being designed to be the most user-friendly app in DeFi — even total crypto newbies will have little trouble navigating. The exciting news is we have a massive GOGO user interface upgrade in the works. The alpha is it looks awesome ;) We cannot wait to share this with the community! Along with the 0VIX integration, this will comprise GOGO V2!

0VIX is the first veTokenomics lending market with dynamic interest rates on Polygon. 0VIX users have the benefit of stable and sustainable yields on Polygon through the native $VIX token. The partnership with 0VIX Protocol aids our goal by providing users with native money-lending directly on Polygon. GOGO and 0VIX are based on Polygon, making the two projects perfectly aligned in terms of vision and efficiency. The 0VIX protocol has all the prerequisites to become the leading lending protocol on one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems: Polygon. By joining forces with 0VIX, GOGO users will have the best of both worlds, while also eliminating many of the downsides of regular DeFi.

The synergy between GOGO and 0VIX

Right about now you might be wondering: what exactly is going to change with this new partnership? As a result of this joint effort, GOGO will be the first asset manager to integrate with 0VIX offering our GOGOnauts an array of products that will be directly powered by 0VIX. For all the markets on 0VIX there will be a corresponding asset pool on GOGO. For a start, users will be able to get stable and competitive APY on BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, and MATIC. GOGO will automate long and looped strategies powered by 0VIX, so GOGO users will have access to surprisingly high yields in low and medium risk pools. Furthermore, the 0VIX bootstrapping process will inspire more interest in GOGO and in all the new opportunities it will offer.

It’s no secret, that one of the most pressing problems in DeFi right now is that way too many protocols rely on unsustainable yields. Users are incentivized to stay for the long term while protocols pay out their tokens to subsidize yields. But what happens when all the tokens are paid out? Actually, we had the same problem until we discovered a better way: 0VIX is powered by vote escrow tokens that offer the most battle-tested positive feedback loop to control token selling pressures. Stabilized selling leads to stabilized token pricing, which in turn allows the issued yield to remain maximally sustainable. In the future, the instantiation of a DAO-managed treasury reserve will further contribute to solidifying 0VIX’s price floor.

With this partnership, GOGO will be able to deliver great yield, up to 17% on wBTC for example, on complex underlying strategies that the average user will benefit from with a simple drag ‘n drop. Instead of having to manually do multiple steps, we offer single-click solutions where the magic happens in the back-end. It doesn’t get any better than this for new users as they can easily choose between different vaults depending on their risk appetite:

  • Low-risk vault — single staking and low volatility
  • Medium-risk vault — leveraged & long strategies stablecoins and blue chips.
  • Dynamic-risk vault — managed advanced leveraged and long strategies with highly opportunistic yield rewards for all the degens out there

Stake your GOGO coins to get an exclusive $VIX airdrop!

As promised at the start of the article, you’ll be able to get some free $VIX (0VIX native token) via an airdrop. All you have to do in order to qualify is hodl or stake your $GOGO. If you’re already holding some $GOGO, just follow the link and stake them. If you don’t own any $GOGO, you might want to get your hands on some, so you can enjoy the benefits of a free airdrop. 0VIX beta testers will also be eligible for a $VIX airdrop. Head over to 0VIX.com start using the protocol and give the team valuable feedback via our discord feedback channel.

Join the 0VIX Ambassador program and climb the ranks for another chance to get a $VIX airdrop ;)

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