They want to tax ALL your unrealized gains.

They want to tax ALL your unrealized gains.

By GilVMedia | GilVMedia | 26 Oct 2021

Janet Yellen wants to tax your UNREALIZED GAINS... Unrealized gain means the investment (stock./crypto/real estate/anything you bought that has gone up in value) has increased in value but you have not sold the investment.

They say it's only for the billionaires because if they said millionaires, they would tax themselves. It's like Bernie Sanders spending 5 years saying "We need to tax millionaires and billionaies." But now he is a millionaire so he only says "We need to tax billionaires."

And I know people have some hardon for hating the billionaires that supply their jobs and it wont affect them but how will they pay for their unrealized gains? They will sell their stock? Imagine the top 100 billionaires all selling stocks. That would cause a Flash crash of the stock market and tank the economy. * A flash crash is a very rapid, deep, and volatile fall in security prices occurring within a very short time period.*

So it will affect you when the economy is even worse than it is now. Let's Go Brandon.

It will also affect your Abuelita and Parents. And don't think it won't. They said they wouldn't raise taxes on the middle class last election either but look at the 4-5% inflation upon us. That is a form of tax. This is how it will affect you and your family.

They bought a house for $60k 30 years ago. Now it's worth $250k and they want to leave it to you when they pass. They now have $190k of unrealized gains. Pay up grannie. You owe us 35% of that $190k. How is grandma or your mom paying for it? Force her to sell the house? If you sell, now you own capital gains tax (realized). Is she going to be double taxed? Who cares if she has no home now anyway.

If you force billionaires to pay this wealth tax (which will come for you next), they will just flee the USA and take their businesses elsewhere. Even Puerto Rico (USA territory) has seen a bunch of millionaires and billionaires relocating there, due to no capital gains tax.

This is why this likely won't pass and you should be concerned it is even being thrown around and suggested by these out-of-touch dinosaurs in power.

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