By giada | GiaDA | 18 Apr 2020

Main Bitcoin scams
The truth is in the middle: there have been a lot of bitcoin scams in the past and unfortunately there are still some scams related to Bitcoin today. In many cases, however, the connection with Bitcoin is purely nominal. Fraudsters in fact exploit the fame of Bitcoin to attract engineers with systems that present themselves as robots for cryptography but which have nothing to do with Bitcoin but which are scams, such as Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin Era.

This means that we must proceed with great attention. However, bitcoin is not a scam: those who have been able to take advantage of bitcoin have been able to easily accumulate very high profits. For example, some time ago we told the story of a boy who became a millionaire thanks to bitcoins: it is just an example, in fact, and moreover a curious example since the boy managed to become a millionaire thanks to bitcoins without even wanting to, but in reality there are many who have accumulated immense gains thanks to bitcoins.

The fact that bitcoin is an encryption and therefore there is no central activity that controls and regulates the market exposes the investor (especially the less experienced) to the danger of truffles.

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