Dark web

By giada | GiaDA | 18 Apr 2020

Many don't know that 90% of internet pages are suspended in a limbo that cannot be reached with Google or other search engines. It is the wild and anonymous territory of the "dark web" or the closed one of the "deep web", where criminal activities can be hidden, such as child pornography or arms and drug trafficking, but also the confidential communications (or requests for help) of dissidents of authoritarian regimes.

What is the deep web. It is that part of the internet that is not indexed by the common search engines: it includes new sites, dynamic content web pages, web software, private company sites. A part of the "deep web" is made up of the "dark web".

What is the dark web. It too is inaccessible to search engines because it is supported on networks superimposed on the internet, generically called "Darknet": to be able to enter you need special software that hides IP addresses. It is precisely anonymity that attracts various types of criminals to the dark web.

How to access. To be able to enter the "dark side" of the internet, special software is needed, such as Tor (The Onion Router), an anonymous communication system based on the second generation of the onion routing network protocol. With Tor or other similar tools it is much more difficult to track the user's internet activity: in fact the data does not pass directly from the client to the server, but passes through the Tor servers that act as routers, building a layered encrypted virtual circuit.

What is found. Once you enter the dark web, you browse through the various more or less secret sites and forums, of which you obviously need to know the addresses. Some hide criminal activities, but others allow you to provide important information in the most perfect anonymity. Or they allow groups of dissidents, in countries governed by authoritarian regimes, to organize, communicate with each other. Or simply ask for help. Edward Snowden and Arab spring activists also used the "dark side" of the internet to escape censorship and control. Then there are forums, sites of organizations (at least 50 thousand), sometimes extremist, or illicit e-commerce such as the notorious Silk Road, now closed, where you could buy drugs, weapons and fake documents. On May 30, 2015 Ross Ulbricht, creator of Silk Road under the pseudonym of Dread Pirate Roberts, was sentenced to life imprisonment for criminal association, computer fraud, distribution of false identities, money laundering and drug trafficking on first instance. Internet. Entering the history of the dark w

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