What is the best and easy way to earn crypto currency ?!


By Ghazale | Ghazale | 17 Jan 2021

Most crypto websites have FAQ but sometimes they are not clear enough to find out is the website the one that you want .

I wish I could see the websites diffirent parts before to sign up but I do not know any place to check in so I use examine .

I registered too many websites and now I would like to share my experience in them with others .

I hope it will be helpful for other people .

The first one is         its a faucet that you can roll every one hour without doing anything else , its easy ! The money come by the ads that site put on the page.The ads are not annoying at all like other pop up ad , but is it worth ? You decide !  It has a table wich contain the lucky numbers and the price you get but after 3 month working on the sith ethier I was too unlucky or the percentage of better lucky number is too less I only recieve 2 satoshi each time .

As you can see in pictures the minimum withdraw amount is 20000 satoshi wich I have not reached yet .

The website has also some other website recomended wich are exatly the same but with different coins .I will put the list on the bottom .

To sum up I guess without having referral it may take  1000  days  to reach minimum withdraw if you roll at least 10 times a day .This is the page home .you can also follow their twiter to get promo code and there are 6 or 8 short links that give you the permision to roll more .(make the timer 0)The box of lucky number .It will change by the price of coins .829c3bd5cfc0d482fef3f5274463ade03105ee49cc5779aec6cc96c83743229f.jpeg

At the end there are my link .And if you know somthing more about these sites I would like to here .Thank you for reading .

The list of other sites with different coins but same method.

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I would like to write about my experiences .Sharing my text and know your idea and also learn new things .

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