The Witcher Enhanced Edition is Free on GOG
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The Witcher Enhanced Edition is Free on GOG

By Ghostcat | Ghastly Gaming | 11 Jun 2020

You heard me right.  GOG is giving out The Witcher for free if you subscribe to their newsletter

If you´re not familiar with the Netflix series, games, and books. You play as Gerald of Rivia, a  hunter of sorts who fights all sorts of monsters for a living. And you craft and consume special potions to enhance certain abilities 

The games are known for its open-world RPG style of gameplay set in a unique medieval world based on folklore and fairytales, it´s interesting characters created by fantasy author  Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Witcher Enhanced Edition is the first in the game series and its a great way to introduce newcomers, with its updated graphics compared to the original and a lot of bonus material.

In order to claim this game, you must first install the game Gwent (also available for free) in your GOG account. After finishing installation go here and click subscribe.

Then add The Witcher Enhanced Edition to your cart, it should have 0$ as the price. I don´t know how long the offer will last, so it is best to do it while you can.


Happy Monster Hunting!


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