Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle Walkthrough: Chapter 4

By Ghostcat | Ghastly Gaming | 9 May 2021

Video Summary:

New York has a new problem....Jason. This level is based on one of the Friday the 13th Sequels: Jason Takes Manhattan. It´s probably not the best of the Friday the 13th movies, but it was entertaining in certain areas like watching Jason interacting with new Yorkers.

So far we´ve been introduced to cops, bear traps... now introducing a new obstacle: cats! Yes, Jason loves animals and hates harming them, so I to figure a way to deal with the victims without running into them. Easier said than done.

That move from a more camp/rural setting to an urban one is a nice touch.

If you´re new to this walkthrough, this is a casual puzzle game based on Friday the 13th, where the objective is to kill everyone on the map, there are a bunch of puzzle challenges each more difficult than the last, fun weapons and of course, costumes that you can unlock based on his looks from the movies.

Game Link:Steam/Android/Apple

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