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By Ghostcat | Ghastly Gaming | 28 May 2020

The concept of Blockchain or Crypto based games is an interesting one. Not only do you actually own the items you earn during gameplay, but you can also earn while you play, especially if you´re selling those items to other players. And all done legally with the creator permission, so there is no risk of having your account banned if you were to sell said items in grey gold markets like Runescape or WOW.

However there are some disadvantages, a lot of these games require upfront investment and aren´t exactly very likely adopted by your typical non-crypto gamer, or being crypto beginner-friendly. Not to mention, not everybody wants to jump into a game spending crypto first without being able to test it out and see if it´s worth their time, or money.

In my brush with blockchain gaming here are some of the games I found that are free to play. A disclaimer first, some games may require some investment if you want to advance in the game further, but do qualify since they allow to test the gameplay.


1. Hedgie

Hedgie Screenshot

Hedgie is a simple Idle game where you can adopt a hedgehog-like creature for free, pick its color, and then send it off to explore different kingdoms for building resources and currency.

Your hedgie has an energy bar that is spent after each adventure. The bigger the energy bar, the longer the exploration missions you can send it to. It can recover its energy over time, and that´s is where your hedgie´s house comes in.

The resources that receive from exploration can be used to upgrade the house, the more developed it is, the faster the hedgie can recover. You will need to clean it frequently. 

Exploring can give it exp, which can be used to level up some attributes.

But the most important aspect is its currency, Curio. While you can´t use it outside the game, you spend it in the marketplace for crypto assets like marble cards, other Hedgies. The items are always changing, so I would advise keeping an eye on them. And if you have some ETH to spare, you can buy extra hedgies to gain curio faster.

If you´re interested here is my referral link:


2. Spell of Genesis

Speel of genesis screenshot

Spell of genesis is a mobile game that mixes arcade action with Trading Card mechanics. You collect cards and organize them in a party, different card stats will impact your team abilities and agility. You destroy your enemies by launching character orbs at them.

There are many levels to play through and you can pit your own cards against other players. Completing each level will grant you a card or coins. You can use these to buy even more cards and upgrade them. A fully upgraded card can even be converted to a full-on blockchain card that you can keep or sell to other players. The game also offers a daily login bonus and missions that offer you extra resources.


But the main draw of Spell of Genesis is the art. You get to get some of the most beautiful and elaborate cards, which is a must for any dedicated card collector. Initially Bitcoin-based, you can now buy Ethereum based cards.

My personal tip? Play through the tutorial first and daily login, which will give you enough coins to buy cards through the store for you to start, as the game is a lot harder to play with only one or two cards and doesn´t exactly offer a full deck for beginners without some initial investment, so keep that in mind when you first start. But hey, it´s still a free-to-play game.

Game Link


3. Rollercoin

Rollercoin site

This is a simple Bitcoin mining simulation game, where you passively mine crypto with a rig run by power. You acquire power by playing a bunch of minigames, these are based in fun classics such as flappy bird, Tetris, 2048 among others.

Beside bitcoin, you can now mine and withdraw Ethereum and Doge. Some of the coins you get can also be used to upgrade your mining rig.

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4. Mergecats

Mergecats game

A cutesy mobile idle game about cats for android. In Mergecats you basically merge a bunch of cats, discover new cats, put on a race track to acquire coins that will allow you to buy even more cats to merge.

The main cryptocurrency in this game is SOUL, an Ethereum based crypto, and you can earn it by completing missions and leveling up. You can either withdraw it and exchange for other crypt or simply spend in the game.

You will need  to create a Cryptosoul account to withdraw them by using this referral  link to receive a bonus:

Google Play Link 


5. Cryptodozer


This addictive game is a coin pusher simulator for the PC  and mobile that uses the Ethereum Blockchain, and it has recently received an update. You drop a bunch of coins in hope of pushing other coins, as well as prizes. These prizes come in the form of plush animals and chests which will need to be opened with a key.

The plush animals can be traded for Ether,  donated to charity, or combined to create a rare animal. Some items like keys and walls may need to be bought but its free to start hence why it´s on its list. You are offered 30 coins when starting the game, and this can be replenished every couple of seconds at least you reach level 30.

All you need to start the game is an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask or Dapper and you´re good to go.

Game Link


6. Knight Story

Knight Story

Knight Story is a mobile RPG game where you battle goblins and other monsters, it was developed by Biscuitlabs, the same company that developed EOS Knights.

You control a party of three characters and have them battle on different stages, you can gain loot and resources by defeating your enemies and can use them to craft different equipment to improve your character's stats. You also manage a small village, the buildings you built, upgrade, and merge can give you certain bonuses.

The game allows you to connect to your Ethereum wallet meaning you get to own the equipment you earn ingame and have the option to sell it to other players in marketplaces like OpenSea.

Google Play Link

7. Crypto Miner Idle Miner: Bitcoin Tycoon

Cryptominer gameplay

It´s an idle clicker game where you manage a crypto mining farm. Meant to be an educational game about cryptocurrencies, you mine crypto by hiring managers and leveling up managers to automatize the mining process, upgrade rigs and sell crypto.

There also frequent special events. You can also compete with other players on the leaderboard to gain HORA tokens which is a Tron based token. 

Google Play Link


8. ITAM Store 

ITAM Store

This one is a bit different, rather than being a game, it´s a store for a bunch of mobile games on Android. In these games, you can earn digital assets that you own on the blockchain. Their ITAM token is an erc-20 based token, but can also link your EOS account as well.

There is already a small variety of games to choose from, from a fishing game to a wobble puzzle game based on Halloween characters, as well as an RPG. 

I have been playing this one for a while, and I really recommend it. You will need to download the app directly from their site.

ITAM store link here



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