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Five Puzzle Adventure Games to Play

By Ghostcat | Ghastly Gaming | 13 May 2020

During this Lockdown I have spent most of my time gaming, some  classics and some modern. One of the most fun genre I have been diving in so far is point and click puzzle games. Here are some of my suggestions such as:


1. Unavowed

This is your typical adventure game but with a twist, not only you can choose the gender and or origin story for the main character, but can choose between four companions to take on missions similar to an rpg game. But rather than focusing on combat, each character comes with a set of different puzzles you will have to solve as well as a branching story line with different dialogue options. This makes the game repayable.

The game story is no slouch either, it´s set in a urban fantasy setting where a demon has possessed you and has caused chaos through out the city. After being rescued by the Unavowed, a group that deals with the supernatural, you will be spending your time stopping the one that did this to you. There is an interesting twist in the end but you will have to play it to find out.

Store Links: GOG/Steam/HumbleBundle


2. The Blackwell Series

Made by Wadjet Eye Games, the same people who made Unavowed, it is even set in the same Universe as the game I just mentioned. This episodic game series involves an introverted  woman called Rosa Blackwell who is a medium, and her ghost companion Mallone. Together they spend time solving crimes, and helping ghosts pass on. Unlike most puzzle games, it is more focused in talking to people making deductions according to dialogue than inventory puzzles. A must play for detective afficionados.

Store Links: GOG/Steam/



Dropsy Game Art

Don´t let the image of the scary clown fool you. Dropsy is actually a heartwarming adventure about a clown who explores the town helping everyone he meets, gives out hugs and goes through a journey of self-discovery. He even has a pet dog. 

The interesting about this game is that it has no dialogue, instead people speak through symbols, so you will have to figure out what they mean and what items you´ll need.

Store Links: GOG/Steam/HumbleBundle


4. Broken Sword

A oldie but a goodie. This is a remake of a 90´s game classic. You follow journalist Nico Collard, and intrepid American George Stobbart diving deep into secret conspiracies. Basically your Indiana Jones Type of Adventure. 

The fun thing about this game besides the humor and dialogue, is the Disneyesque animation, making the game beautiful to look at. Although I would recommend checking the original out first if you manage you get your hands on it.

Store Links: GOG/Steam/HumbleBundle


5. Vampyre Story

This game was actually made by some of the people that worked on Monkey Island, but instead of being a pirate you play as Mona  De Lafitte, a young woman who caught the eye of an evil vampire called Baron Shrowdy . Now turned into a creature of the night herself and a prisoner in his castle, she must figure a way to escape alongside with her snarky but hilarious bat sidekick Froderick.

The game has a sorta Tim Burtonesque design to it with 3D characters in contrast to beautiful hand-drawn gothic backgrounds. It has the type of quirky humor you would also find in Monkey Island. One of the fun parts of the gameplay is the use of the sidekick to carry items and solve different puzzles, as well as the use of vampire weakness as an obstacle that must be solved.

One example of such puzzles is to figure out how to enter a house without an invitation or navigate a cemetery full of crosses. I do recommend checking out this underrated game.

Store Links: Steam


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