What is Lolli? Free Bitcoin Rewards Earning Extension Review

What is Lolli?
Lolli is an exciting new app that brings a new twist to the loyalty industry. Daily shoppers earn up to 30% back in Bitcoin. It's a legal, safe, simple and fun experience for everyone to be able to collect free Bitcoins by shopping at your favorite retailer.
What is Lolli App?
Lolli is a free Bitcoin rewards app that encourages customers to keep shopping by offering an attractive offer like Bitcoin (BTC). Royalties schemes are a growing trend and are evident by the number of loyalty cards we are aware of are now involved in crypto. Loyalty is paid with Bitcoin at more than 1,000 stores in the United States.



How does the Lolli app work?
Lolli is an application installed as a Chrome extension that automatically detects when a user visits a supported partner site. When a purchase is made using the active Lolli Chrome extension, 1% of the order (e.g. commission) is paid to Lolli. Bitcoin reward (%) is determined by the seller, not Lolli.
Part of the sale is shared with the customer in Bitcoin after the sale is successful. The Bitcoin is then transferred to the customer's Lolli wallet, which can be transferred to a cold wallet or cryptocurrency exchange for sale for usdt.


Should you use the Lolli app?
The Lolli app is a simple, easy and fun way to earn Bitcoin while shopping online. Lolli has been developed to make it easy for you to earn, own and share Bitcoins with as many people as possible. There is no need to register an exchange and provide any verification documents which may seem unsafe for beginners.
Benefits of using the Lolli .
app Cashback bonus programs like Lolli App have been around for many years now. This is a very successful marketing model that encourages shoppers to keep buying their favorites at home, especially during the global pandemic.
How do I get the Lolli app?
Currently Lolli is available for both Chrome and Firefox as an extension. Once the Lolli Chrome extension has been installed, it will automatically alert you when you visit a partner site and predict the likely number of Bitcoins you will receive eligible. To get the app, follow these instructions:
  • Step 1:  Click here
  • Step 2:  click: add to chrome! it's free --> add to chrome
How to use Lolli app?
To get started with the Lollo App, follow these steps:
  • Download Lolli . browser extension
  • Visit one of the partner stores through the website or browser extension
  • Enable Lolli alerts when you visit a supported online store


Once Lolli has been activated, you can shop as usual. Once you are eligible for the bonus, Lolli will track the purchase and deposit Bitcoins into your Lolli wallet after the merchant pays Lolli. You are allowed to withdraw your funds when your balance reaches $15 minimum.
Where to shop with Lolli?
Lolli partnered with over 500 top brands allowing you to earn up to 30% Bitcoin rewards back. Some of the largest retailers in the world support Bitcoin such as:
  • Walmart: Bitcoin Back Up to 3.5%
  • Macy's: up to 5% back in Bitcoin
  • Booking.com: Bitcoin Cash Back Up to 3.5%
  • Nike: up to 3% back in Bitcoin
  • Adidas: Bitcoin Back Up to 7%
  • Sephora: Bitcoin back up to 4.5%
  • and many others!I
Lolli is constantly adding new retail partners almost every day. Retailers can contact Lolli to become a partner.



frequently asked Questions

Is the Lolli app safe to use?
The Lolli app uses modern software and network security to ensure that customer balances are safe in the Lolli wallet. We recommend withdrawing BTC profits to personal cold wallets and website storage. Furthermore, Lolli does not track which websites users visit and does not sell data or personally identifiable information to any third parties.
What browsers does Lolli support?
The Lolli app is available on Chrome and Firefox browsers and is working on developing an extension for the unsupported Brave. Safari was previously supported, but is no longer compatible. Does Lolli App have a referral program? Lolli App has a referral program that rewards its existing users with $5 worth of Bitcoins by sharing their referral link.
Does Lolli have a mobile app?
Lolli does not have an app to earn Bitcoin rewards for mobile browsing.



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