The Brave Ad Block
First goal on my mobile Brave browser: 100'000 ads and trackers blocked!

The Brave Ad Block

A few days ago, my mobile Brave app has reached the goal of 100'000 ads and trackers blocked as well as 1GB of data saved.


This is to show, that Brave really helps to navigate the internet more safely, without the annoying ads. Really. Recently, maybe due to the world pandemic, maybe the economic problems and people using much more the internet in quarantine, those trackers and ads on my favorite web sites for example increased exponentially.

I can understand, that some publishers run their web sites with the help of ads. But most of them are useless ads for me. In certain cases, when a publisher algorithm notice that you have an ad blocker, even a message appears on the screen that they use ads to support and run their web site. At least they were sincere to explain it with a pop-up notification on screen. :)

I find some way funny when I visit my favorite web site and almost the whole web page is empty, as they are so full of ads and Brave blocked it. I noticed anyway that some publishers doesn’t allow people with ad blocker to access their web site. Understandable, but somehow weird.

With this short post, I’m not here to tell again that with Brave browser ‘you are able to earn free crypto just by watch the hourly ads’. This setting has been told over and over again. We know this aspect already :) I call this rewarding system a positive side effect: A small benefit in form of a reward for their users for using Brave browser, like icing on the cake.

I would like to let users notice how easy it is to use Brave browser daily, how much unusable ads we can avoid when we visit the internet and how much data we can save without those ads. Imagine someone using the Brave browser on a mobile device with a prepaid solution and a limited utilization of mobile data (e.g. 5GB/Month). In this case, it's 1GB of saved data during a range of a few weeks or months for example and it's equally to 1GB more available data pack for further internet navigation. And of course, saved money!

Remember the Brave project slogan: “You deserve a better internet” and not “Earn crypto for free”. ;)

So thumbs up for this project, Brave is doing a very good job in my opinion for their own users and especially, offering an easier and more interesting internet utilization. Thank you Brave! I’m glad to further support this project.


I like to share my own opinions and point of views. I like topics like sports, cars, movies, tech, crypto and food or simply funny stuff that happens in life. :) I hope you enjoy my content. Opinions and suggestions are well come.

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