A.C. Milan meets BitMEX

Additional sponsorship for A.C. Milan

By SimoCo10 | General crypto opinions | 11 Aug 2021

By now the world of cryptocurrencies has also entered the sports area. Many soccer clubs and clubs from other sport categories are entering into important partnerships with Exchanges or trading companies that also offer cryptocurrency trading within their portfolio.

Socios.com is a great example of how they are having many important partnerships with major teams around the world. Socios.com is also fun to use because they give to those who own a team's Fan Tokens the opportunity to complete quests for example and interact indirectly with the team.

And now here's another news, the A.C. Milan of the Italian Serie A has as its new sponsor sleeve partner, the BitMEX cryptocurrency trading platform. For those who follow my second Blog, they know probably that I’m a A.C. Milan fan. What a lovely surprise to hear about this partnership!

BitMEX will also be present on the jersey worn by the players. Therefore, another important advertisement for the crypto world and its fans. Not only that, but also for those interested in the crypto world.

Upon hearing this news, I am also very excited to see how crypto services and products are evolving.

What do you think of it?


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General crypto opinions
General crypto opinions

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