Is PulseX the next 10,000x token? And how do I get in?

By Gen 0x Crypto | Gen0x | 26 Dec 2021

Most people in crypto who tell you how a coin is going to go 10,000x are completely full of it. One man isn’t. He told everyone he designed a crypto to go 10,000x, and it did. That crypto is Hex, and its founder is Richard Heart. Hex is a project built on Ethereum and offers rewards for people to stake their Hex – the longer and bigger the stake, the more you are rewarded. Learn more at, and join the energetic and engaged community of Hexicans at

And even though it’s remarkable that you can categorize that kind of meteoric performance as “stunted,” it is an accurate description of what happened to Hex on Ethereum. CoinMarketCap refuses to properly list it, and is being sued in Arizona District Court as a result. Compare their listing for Hex vs.’s listing. No Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) like Coinbase or Binance list it, even though this pre-viral crypto has outperformed every major cryptocurrency in 2021. And the worst part of all is that absurdly high gas fees on Ethereum are preventing people from buying Hex and starting modest stakes, because it is simply impractical to buy 1,000 Hex and stake it for a year or so when your returns are wiped out by absurd gas fees on Ethereum.

So Richard Heart decided to fork Ethereum, and add significant improvements to its operation. This has been done before, by projects such as Binance Smart Chain and Solana, but never before has full system state been forked. BSC and SOL launched “empty,” meaning that any project that wanted to use those Layer 1s must be built and launched on that chain.

PulseChain is the name of the upcoming fork, and every project currently running on Ethereum will be copied onto PulseChain from the day it launches. But PulseChain will have significant advantages over Ethereum upon launch. For one, it is 4x faster than Ethereum, with 3-second blocks instead of 13-second blocks. It is also Proof of Stake from day 1, which means that gas fees will be pennies instead of tens or hundreds of dollars because there are no miners to pay. This is the same reason BSC offers such cheap transaction fees – they launched as Proof of Stake.

Full system-state forking also means that if you are an ERC-20 holder on Ethereum, you will receive copies of your tokens on PulseChain. This means that if you own 100 LINK on Ethereum, you will receive 100 LINK on PulseChain – for doing nothing at all. You will simply have to connect to the PulseChain mainnet on Metamask (or whatever private-key wallet you are using) and you will see copies of your tokens. This does not mean that the value of your LINK on PulseChain will be equivalent to the value of your LINK on Ethereum. However, there will be price discovery once pairs on PulseX (PulseChain’s primary DEX) start trading, and nobody knows whether the ERC-20 or PRC-20 versions will be more valuable over time.  

PulseChain’s Sacrifice

Sorry to tell you this, but you missed it. The only way to get PulseChain coins at mainnet launch was via a sacrifice that started in July 2021. PulseChain is a deflationary cryptocurrency and all PulseChain coins are going to be minted at launch. And after launch, 25% of all transaction fees will be burned, reducing the supply of $PLS over time.

By the time the official sacrifice phase ended, roughly $14 Billion was sacrificed. That’s not a typo. That’s Billion with a “B”. Over 50,000 people sacrificed to be Day 1 owners of $PLS, meaning it is almost certainly the most highly anticipated Layer 1 launch in the history of crypto.

The necessity for a “sacrifice” phase is largely dictated by regulations. If this was not set up as a sacrifice and people simply transferred their coins or tokens to an address and received $PLS in return, it would be considered a security by the SEC (under the Howey Test) and be subject to burdensome regulations.

However, airdrops are apparently allowed and are not considered an ICO by the SEC. So, to solve this problem, the amount people sacrificed to $PLS was given a set of “sacrifice points,” which can then be used to calculate the amount of coins that could then be airdropped to the address from which the sacrifice was made. Simply put, if you sacrificed $1,000.00 USD on Day 1 of the PulseChain sacrifice, you would receive 10,000,000 sacrifice points or credits (10,000 points per $1 USD at that time), and upon mainnet launch, you may see a corresponding 10,000,000 $PLS coins show up in the wallet that made the sacrifice.

PulseX’s Upcoming Sacrifice

On a Christmas Day livestream, Richard Heart announced that a similar sacrifice for PulseX (PulseChain’s primary DEX) would likely begin before the end of 2021. I’ll let the PulseX team explain what PulseX is here, since they’ll do a better job than I could:


Richard Heart stated that the PulseX sacrifice phase will most likely be similar to the PulseChain sacrifice in terms of mechanics. He believed that the sacrifice points allocated would likely be the same 10,000 : $1 USD ratio that Day 1-5 PulseChain sacrifices received.

This is excellent news for people who missed out on the PulseChain sacrifice, because they have a chance to be Day 1 holders of another coin predicted to go 10,000x.

Watch it here.

PulseX is also going to be deflationary, and all tokens will be minted at launch and distributed to the people who sacrificed during the sacrifice phase. PulseX holders will receive rewards every time a transaction is made on that DEX. You can find more information on Twitter at @RichardHeartWin, where he posted the tokenomics a few days ago. PulseX is expected to launch at the same time as the PulseChain mainnet, which Richard Heart has predicted will be a month or two from now.

So How Do I Get PulseX?

The easiest way is to install Metamask ( and transfer your Ethereum and/or ERC-20 tokens into it. Metamask supports PulseChain’s current testnet (find out how to connect to it here) and will support PulseChain’s Mainnet upon launch. You will be able to locate your coins/tokens/ERC-20 copies by simply switching networks at the top of Metamask from Ethereum Mainnet to PulseChain Mainnet.

Remember: NEVER, under any circumstances, give out your seed phrase. Whoever controls your seed phrase controls your crypto. You should not even type it out into a Word document or similar, because you could very well have malware or keylogging software on your system that could then steal your seed phrase and all of your crypto. Write it down onto paper or stamp it onto metal, then put it in your safe.  

You will then need to check for a list of coins and tokens that will be accepted during the sacrifice phase.

Once the sacrifice phase opens, you simply send the amount you want to sacrifice to the address that will be designated on the website and wait for PulseChain mainnet to launch.


There are MANY scammers trying to take advantage of the excitement building around PulseChain. Scam coins are being developed with the word “Pulse” in them. Scammers are already claiming they will sell you $PLS. There is already a PULSE token on BSC that has nothing to do with PulseChain.

The ONLY way to get accurate information about PulseChain or PulseX is by following Richard Heart on Twitter or on Telegram.

As always, be careful and DYOR. And remember:

  1. DO NOT sacrifice from an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance. There has been no indication from any centralized exchange (CEX) that they will unlock your coins and give them to you, or that they will support the PulseChain mainnet at launch.
  2. DO NOT sacrifice more than you can afford to lose.

Nothing above is financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor.

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Gen 0x Crypto
Gen 0x Crypto

A Gen X guy who just got into crypto at the end of 2020, and has been helping some of his Gen X friends understand what it is and how to navigate the landmines. Nothing I say is financial advice. "Not your keys, not your coins" - Richard Heart


A Gen X guy who just learned about crypto and its potential to change the world in late 2020. From then, I've been helping to explain it to friends and watching them get as excited about it as I am. I'd like to see everyone understand crypto's potential and make informed decisions about whether to invest in it or not. Nothing I say is financial advice.

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