How cool is to collect NFTs

By IIIGARDEIII | Garde | 4 Apr 2022


I've always liked to collect, I've had stamp collections, coins, Coca Cola cans, phone cards and so on.

All my collections acquired a huge volume, and spaces inside the house were always limited. I believe that collecting is a recreational way of meeting people and making friends around the world. "I think it's very healthy!"

When I put a collection aside and put it up for sale, incredibly I always got good change and it was a joy that my collection would be part of a larger collection.

Of course, in this world of collectors, there are also some "smarts", those who buy something from us and sell it for a higher price to some other collector. Sorry for calling them "smarts", but they are the people who make it easy for us to move something forward, but few I've met ended up lying to have some financial benefit.

In this new moment that we live, the NFTs have been causing me deep interest for several reasons. One of the main ones, besides the physical space, is to collect several interesting things. We have the possibility to collect several works by different artists. The coolest thing of all is that it has a financial value already imposed on it and often in cryptocurrency, which from what I've been following is only valuing.

I see that some security protocols are needed, so that no "villain" comes to steal your wallet and your beloved collection.

I also see that we can leave the collection in a very cool look, we can even make a gallery in the metaverse. Wow! I found this site very cool: which has some free models. I even made a little collection with some NFTS >

I see that there is a lot of speculation about NFTs, but I am an enthusiast for this new way of collecting. I see that renowned artists have already put their works on NFTs, but it is also incredible the fact that art is democratized, and the likelihood that anyone can put a series of 10,000 different chimpanzees, seals, lions, on the platforms, and make the game even more Cool!

You can follow NFTs that are being launched on the market, there are interesting websites. One I know of is the NFT Calendar ( ), where you can find the daily releases of NFTs.
If you want to gift someone with an NFT, I read this article ( ) and it can help you.

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We talked about some art and nfts.

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