How to earn $ 200 per month watching videos?

Hello friends

This time I want to share this interesting way that they recommended to me to generate money with YouTube videos, even if they are not yours.

It is legal because you are not stealing anything from any content creator on the platform.

Whats the matter, then?

It is extremely simple, since you need 3 basic things.

Have topics of interest. With this first part you can search content pages such as forums, since in these you can see the categories that have the most visits and the most relevant topics.
Search YouTube for videos related to the topics of greatest interest, especially the newest ones, if it is possible that they have only been uploaded to the platform for a short time. You copy the link that appears in the search engine. It looks something like this https: // AVl990S h5CQ
The third step is to look for a link shortener, preferably those that do not bombard with annoying advertising, as there are, but not all have that detail.
Here I show you some examples, maybe you know others, these are just examples:

I imagine you will meet others but these are just examples as I mentioned. Now, you shorten the youtube links with any of these shorteners and you post them in the forums where you looked for information about the most relevant topics, and then you put some information about the video and its content and that's it. It may seem very simple and has little impact, but don't think it doesn't work, because it DOES work. Visits are already coming to me and the shortener I use is counting them to me without problems. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT It is very possible that the publication will be labeled as spam, especially if it has a lot of publicity, but don't worry, nothing happens with that, you will continue to receive visits and win with the shorteners in a very simple and passive way. If you liked the post, give it LIKE and if you want to leave a comment, do so, I need it to know what they think and improve the post. Regards.

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