Raid: Shadow Legends, Beginners Guide #4

Raid: Shadow Legends, Beginners Guide #4

By PrisonedBus9641 | Gamesguide9641 | 10 Oct 2020

The fourth part about Raid: Shadow Legends will show to you the various kind of champions that are in the game. I will divide them into many section that explain to you which champions you have to use in the various section of the game.


The Affinity




As I said in the previous post every champions have an affinity that makes it suitable against other champions and sometimes not recommended.

The affinity are four (Magic, Spirit, Force, Void) and are so set:

  • Magic win over the spirit,
  • Spirit win over the force,
  • Force win over the Magic,
  • Void is neutral, then it not have any advantage or handicap against other affinity.




Now a question could be: what's the best affinity? Well, the most ''useful'' affinity is Void and this is because it make easier the attack to every dungeons Boss. But in the end the use of different affinities certainly makes it more difficult for the opponent (this in the pvp arena but also against the bots) to counter our champions if placed in a good team. For example, using a weak but well-built affinity champion against the spider's lair will cause all spiders to attack only that champion, leaving others free to focus only on the boss.



The Champions types



Now the principal distinction for the champions: the types. There are three types of champions:

  • Offensive: are set to do a lot of damage against enemies.
  • Defensive: are set to support the team with increase Defense buff, ally protection buff and to provoke the enemies.
  • Support: are set to heal the team and revive death champions in your team, but many times support champions don't have either feature, so thay can place debuff against enemy (decrease Defense, decrease Attack, poison, stun, freeze etc.)
  • HP: are set like the defense champions, but the damage are based on the current total HP

However, there are several exceptions to the stat required for champions to do damage. For example there are champions (like Tyrant Ixlimor) that are HP champions but their damage is based on Defense or Attack (only for rare champions). Then be carefully in the built of your champions, read the skills and on what stat they do damage.





The Champions Roles


In addition to the type (base) of the champions, their roles within a team must also be considered. In fact there are many roles that keep a team well balanced:

  • The Aoe: is a champion that attack with area damages and do great damages to enemies
  • The Debuffer: is the champions that place debuff on all enemies and speed ups the finish of the battle ( sometimes coincides with the AoE) 
  • The provoker: is the champions that provoke the enemy and take every damage. The Provoke debuff force the enemies to attack with their first skill (usually a one-target hit)
  • The Speeder: is the champions that speed ups the allies with Increase Speed buff and fills the turn meter. Sometimes can reduce to the enemy turn meter
  • The supporter: is the champions that place buff, revive the allies, heal the others and defend the entire team against the enemies.

Some of this roles may coincide with each other ( AoE/Debuffer, Speeder/Supporter, Supporter/Debuffer)


The Rarity of the champions and the 13(+3) factions


The rarities of the champions are as follows:

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common




The factions are:



  • Banner lords
  • High Elves
  • Sacred Order
  • Barbarians

Gellen Pact

  • Lizardmen
  • Ogryn Tribes
  • Skinwalkers
  • Orcs

The corrupted

  • Dark Elves
  • Undead Hordes
  • Knight Revenant
  • Demonspawn

Nyresan Union ( here there are still three factions that need to be added)

  • Dwarves







How to obtain champions?


There are three principal way to get champions in Raid: Shadow Legends:

  • Shard Summon: use your sweaty shards (always if you don't want to shop) to summon champions.
  • Fusion: level up chicken champions to fuse epic and legendary champions.
  • Fragment Summon: collect the fragment during the events and the tournaments to summon epic and legendary champions.

Another method is to obtain champions during the events of new legendary fusion.





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