Raid: Shadow Legends, Beginners guide #2

Raid: Shadow Legends, Beginners guide #2

By PrisonedBus9641 | Gamesguide9641 | 3 Oct 2020

The second part of the guide about Raid: Shadow Legends concern the principal structure in the first page of the game. There are many buildings that help you in the continuation of the game and will be more important with the pass of the time.


The Great Hall




The Great Hall is the building that enhance all your champions' statistics except for speed (which is the most important statistic). The possibility of enhancement are give by your rank in Arena. In fact for the upgrade in the Great Hall you'll need medal (bronze, silver and gold) that you can win only in the pvp battle. The upgrade will give you a great base boost for all your champions and so you could select different equipment that give you other stats. The first stats you would boost are Accuracy and Critic Damage (the Resistance is also important but principally in high level of Arena). 


The Sparring Pit 




The Sparring Pit is not very usefull and it cost a lot of gems to unlock the other slots and upgrade the same. In fact it give to your champions very few XP respect to the campaign farming (that use only energy). If you want to spend gems for boost the XP gained by your champions you can buy for 140 gems an 2X XP boost that go on for a day or 300 for what lasts 3 days.


The market





In the market you can buy champions (but only common and inusual), equipment and shards (inusual and ancient!). In fact the principal thing you have to do is to unlock all the market zone. In this way you will buy all the available that you want, in particular the ancient shards. To unlock the market zone you will need silver and gems.



The Tavern




In the Tavern you can upgrade some important stats in your champions.

First of all the Skills with tome (rare, epic, legendary). Some champions need the tome to decrease time charge of skills, enhance buff/debuff probability, healing and damage. But not all the champions are necessary with all tomes, be carefully in the unlock of skills. And don't use the tome for a champions of minor grade!! For example you have an epic tome and you have a rare champions that need the last tome and you're willing to give it to him: stop and don't use it, keep it for an epic champions, the rare tomes are more easy to find, remember it.

Then you can ascend your champions grade. Every stars that your champions have can became purple with the ''Affinity Potions'' which you can obtain in affinity dungeons. For every purple stars the stats will increase and at 3 purple stars your champions will upgrade a skills that will became more powerfull.

Moreover you can upgrade rapidly your champions level sacrificing other champions or using the affinity boost XP.






The Forge





In the Forge you can create new powerful equipment that until the last update you can obtain only in very high arena series. These artifacts can be crafted with particular object that you can find in the faction war and in the event.

The set you can create are four:

  • Swift Parry (4 piece for bonus)

  • Deflection (4 piece for bonus)

  • Perception (2 piece for bonus)

  • Resilience (2 piece for bonus)

For set Swift Parry and Deflection you have to obtain with the event the Corehammer.

Then are necessary Magisteel ( from classic arena), soulstone and bloodstone (from faction wars) for every set.










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