Top 10 🎮 games🕹 offline if you need to have 😍
Top 10 🎮 games🕹 offline if you need to have 😍

Hello everyone, in this post i will show you 10 beautiful games if you haven't to have connections to play it.

 1. Worms 4
Worms 4 is a turn-based strategy game where you will control small worms armed to the teeth with the aim of taking out the opposing team. You can challenge versus computer offline or witch friend on multiplayer.

2.Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shotter351665157-055d112b8fbeb0ea53c45ec446721669bb97bf615e20079dbb08f71f94f3b167.jpeg

Angry Birds is one of the most famuos games that don't use your connections 

This is this version Bubble Shooter we will have to fit the bubbles of the same color in a wall that is gradually more difficult before it goes down. A very simple but always fun and free game!

3.Asphalt 8: Airborne351665157-00cdb730cef69256bbb5f70bad550304b5f43922e1536102a3374b00772f9a43.jpeg

 This is a race game that it use for show a new phone (the grafic ), this because he have a beautiful grafic.

In this game you can do race arcade with any connections


A game very different from all the others, very enigmatic, in which you maneuver a small child wrapped in a dark world overcoming obstacles and dangers, in a sort of limbo between life and death, between dream and reality.



In this game you have to overcome an obstacle course with nice hairy balls! Definitely one of the most fun games you can play on your smartphone

6.Swamp Attack 


A very nice game with cartoony graphics in which you impersonate a fairly lazy guy who must defend his home from many creatures who want to destroy it.

7. Plague Inc.


In this game you have to try to infect and kill as many people before doctors find the cure for your pathogen.

8. Cross Road


The aim is simple: to travel as far as possible to our character, without being run over by cars and without crashing into obstacles.

9.Shadow Blade Zero


Send an important message with a ninja, this is the game; it's in 2d but he have particolar effect in 3d

10. Alto's Adventure


It is very difficult to find a game of this quality on a mobile platform; The Odyssey of Alto is a journey through suggestive landscapes and suggestive atmospheres


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Games and Curiosity
Games and Curiosity

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