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By sksalman96 | Gamblingstewert | 17 Sep 2019

I have learned many things in the life of a casino player, wink has made me create my own rules for winning at a Casino. My results are good for my start and journey of a short time, I could be very, very much better if I had learned these rules previously. So here I leave my rules that might help you. Good luck.

  1. Never bet all your money on a single bet.
  2. Take withdraw whenever you have chance
  3. Pay attention to your game, if you lose attention, lose focus and consequently lose the game or lose great chances of making great results.
  4. Play a bit with each coin, so you minimize the chance of losing everything from a single coin.
  5. Set a goal to win! Know the time and the time to stop, the goal is the key to avoiding losses.
  6. When you reach the goal, cash out or exchange!
  7. If you have set a goal, what is the daily goal? And which coin? Metal Weekly, Monthly Goal?
  8. Avoid playing and chatting at the same time, this can cost you dearly!
  9. Use multiple payouts, do not stay in the same payout for a long time
  10. Use some strategy, if you do not have one, think of a way to win!
  11. Do not get into silly discussions, do not waste your time on things that will get your attention and focus
  12. Do not stop to respond to people in the middle of a tense game, or in a situation that you are winning big, this can knock you down and make you lose focus.
  13. Do not sing victory or celebrate before withdrawing money
  14. Beware of the "last bet", that is, if you have already won enough and reached the goal, do not try to do miracles or abuse your luck, you can lose.
  15. Remember the fate does not last forever, beware of pride, it precedes the fall, its fall!
  16. Leave only the reasonable to play, if you lose everything, you will not lose much.
  17. Do not use all your Wallet money to make a deposit, take what you need for your life, leave only 1% as a bankroll to deposit if you need it
  18. If you're nervous because you lost, get out of the cell phone or computer for 1h or a few minutes or for a while, cool your head, you'll think better of a cold head than a hot head!
  19. You have recovered a loss, that is, your live stats have turned green, return to the beginning of the game, do not put bets at high value, because you have recovered, one more bet can throughout your game and balance to lose.
  20. Always remember to analyze the game, take breaks at a given time, take a mental break, reflect on your game, the results and all your goals and situations and how the game is going. This is like a time in the game for you to think more of calm head.
  21. Do not post all the time the result of your game in the chat, this will catch the attention of other players, especially the beggars that may be getting their attention or sending messages that will appear on your screen if your game settings are public policies.
  22. Take time to make big plays, that is, use a small percentage of your balance to try to play with high payout. Or try a certain amount of high payout bets as you play.
  23. Keep control of yourself when you're playing, do not be shy, do not play too fast in the excitement, be right, stop to analyze all the rules and all your game, do not be too crazy to lose everything and be left with nothing! If you do not respect this you will probably be saying that your day was sad and bad or that you are unlucky but actually you broke the pattern of your own game and will lose or lost!
  24. Don't use the MAX bet button if you're winning, if you're losing you risk losing everything and running out of nothing, so don't use this button if you don't have the money to keep playing.
  25. Discipline is critical in a game, if you have rules, respect your rules as they will help you win, or at least can help you avoid successive defeats.
  26. You have a number of coins, let's assume 5, lost 4, and recovered 4.5, don't risk high when it came close to recovering, return to a low value and try to gradually recover

Leave your comments if you have suggestions, criticisms or anything that might help other people too!

I remember again that these are my rules, and this has worked so that I can win most of the time! Of course no one wins forever! But at the moment this has been very useful in my gambler's life, I hope this can help you!

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