LuckyFish/BC/Stake VIP level up Dice & Limbo Strategy

By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 9 Aug 2021

So, you haven't earned VIP on LuckyFish/Stake or are a low level VIP on BC? Have a little bankroll and want to change that? With this strategy there is no profit, so you are basically "buying" VIP. With Luckyfish VIP 1 is earned after wagering $4000, on Stake Bronze VIP is earned after wagering $10,000, and BC you want to earn VIP 14 which is $17000 wagered; however perks start at VIP 4($1000 wagered). We all know with VIP access comes certain perks not offered to the "low level" player. Now is your time to unlock these small advantages quickly. Open up dice or limbo on your preferred platform and try out one of these strategies.

The strategy is simple but effective, I would start with a bankroll of at least $100. Go to dice or limbo and set the payout as low as it will go (usually 1.01x), set increase by win to 0.00/reset on win, and increase by lose to 0.00/reset on loss. Setting the payout to 1.01x makes your win chance as high as allowed in the casino, but there is still a small chance of loss, as well as house edge. You should lose around 2 out of every 100 bets. However, this is only an average over time and many bets. Therefore you will have to spread your bet out some, I recommend betting either $0.01, $0.10, or $1.00 depending on how much time you wish to spend and your bankroll size. With this strategy for every 1 unit lost in betting, you need 100 wins to recover.

Another, riskier strategy is to set a lower initial bet, the payout to 1.10x, set reset on win, and increase on loss to 1000%. This method attempts to recover losses made. However remember to set your stop on lose amounts accordingly or this one can get messy and cause a bust. With this method you will lose around 12 of every 100 bets, considering loss and house edge. This one is not my favorite due to potential for heavy loss, however there may be some profit in this method if you adjust it to your style and needs.

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