Luckyfish/BC/Stake dice gambling strategy - "The 9x spread"

By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 19 Aug 2021

This one is my personal favorite dice strategy to use. I call it the 9x spread, because after x number of bets, you need 2 wins spread within a certain amount of each other to create a win. With this strategy the auto dice is stopped by the amount of profit. With the setup posted you need a bankroll of around 100 but 1000 is even better. Set the multiplier to 9x, set On Win increase to 100%, set On Loss increase to 3%, Set your stop win by profit to 1.0. Set base bet to .0447

The resulting setup will look like this on LuckyFish:


Or like this on BC:



Once you get your coin up some you can adjust the stop on win to 2.0 or even 3.0 if you are feeling lucky. This strategy can be easily modified to lower or higher bankrolls by adjusting the base bet and stop on win by just moving the decimal place. 

You're resulting profit graphs should look something like these:




By adjusting the On Win increase you can tighten or loosen the goal posts on how closely the 2 bets win in the series. Don't get cocky and run this strat 50 times a day everyday, you will eventually bust even with a big bankroll. It's my all time favorite quick strat at the moment but it is not infallible. Words can't describe how well this one runs, you just have to see it with your own eyes.

Don't forget to set your stop win on profit to the appropriate amount  before you start or this thing will run until you are out of coin.


Go ahead and click one of the banners below and join and try this powerhouse of a dice strategy.







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