Bee network - the other valuable crypto you could easily mined on your phone

By Galaxy02 | Galaxy | 28 Dec 2020

Bee network is similar to Pi network, both projects allow you to mine valuable cryptos (Pi or Bee) on your phone, without drain your battery or any fees! Also similar to Pi network, Bee network need a invitation code to join, so I will give my invitation code first, and then share more thoughts about these two projects.

My invitation code (Bee network) is: svsd20

If you are not hearing about Pi network yet, you could refer this article. My invitation code to Pi network is the same: svsd20

similar to Pi network, to mine Bee on your phone, you have to do KYC, that means you have to submit your real name (same with your official id) to the system, but don't worry, you could use a nickname to display to other users.

Why these two project valuable?

I have discuss why Pi network is valuable in my previous article, and that's also the reasons why Bee network is valuable.

User base: this is the biggest value of these two projects. Currently, Pi network users crossed 10 million and Bee network users crossed 200k, despite some fake account (cannot withdraw Pi or Bee without KYC in the future), those user base are still impressive, and they are still growing fast.

Someone may think the two project may be scam because free coins sounds too good. I don't think so and will explain it in two aspects:

  1. airdrop is a marketing method, aim to attract users. Yes, the daily tap mechanism is similar to airdrop, which gives "free money" to early users, and the earlier you join, the bigger the rewards. That's not an innovation, just a regular marketing method, lots of famous blockchain projects also use airdrop in the early stage. Moreover, the underlying logic of airdrop (rewards early users) also a common marketing methods in other industry, for example, when Uber and Lyft in early stage, you can get lots of coupon or discount by using their app.

  2. its easy to create huge value with huge user base. The team has strong incentives to care about crypto (Pi or Bee) price in the future (these two crypto will have price after mannet launch), in other words, the team's interests is closely aligned with the crypto (Pi or Bee) price, because they will losing users (miners) if the crypto (Pi or Bee) price becomes worthless, which will hurt their interests. So what can the team do with such huge user base? what value could they create? well, there are so many possibilities, include but no limited:

    1. Payment currency: this is the most obvious one, the more users a crypto project has, the more likely it could become a payment currency, and this single function could make the projects valuable. Think of LTC, BCH, XLM...

    2. Social media: you know the value of a success social media. Actually, the Pi network already have in-app chat function, including group chat. Although the function is far from perfect, but improving that is very easy, they have done the hard part: the user base.

    3. E-commerce: again, you know the value of e-commerce. Although in this area is not very easy to success even with huge user base (unlike social media), but it is possible. The Pi network are planing to add in-app market place, which is a good try.

    4. Defi: both projects should add in-app swap function after mainnet launched, and with such user base, they could create a great DEX.

What's the advantage of Bee network?

The biggest advantage of Bee network is that it is a relatively new project (launched in August 2020, where as Pi network launched in March 2019), so it has a much higher mining rate: Bee network just halving once on this Dec (total user crossed 100k), and its base mining rate is currently 0.8/h, compared to Pi's 0.1/h.

Bee network will comes to next halving when the total users cross 1 million, which is very likely to see in the 2021, may be in several months, so don't waited until its too late!


I would suggest you download both app (Pi network and Bee network) and mining these two cryptos simultaneously, because there are no investments (no risk) and no wast of time (both project only need to tap once a day) but the projects are really great. It is super easy to collect two valuable cryptos for free!


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