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pre-sale is live on discord, only a few MN left, don't miss the chance to get some coins of one of the bests project of 2019.


Digital currencies have several important advantages over traditional currency and popular financial and physical assets. Well, the fact is that cryptocurrencies solve many problems related to the centralized nature of paper currencies and some of the bank instruments.

Personally, as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and adopter, I love investing in secure platforms and networks.

There are many other positive and interesting things in the project

It's fun to write what you like, and maybe not many users who agree with you now, but I believe the future will be more and more. So what kind of content is good content?
This is not just another masternode coin, IDC has a real usage, and will be a model for a lot of project in the future, take a sit and let's talk about IDC for a minute.


Stable Blockchain wrapped up in Customer Friendly innovative services, flavored with rocket-charged support team.


IDC Coin is extensively tested before each release. We are working hard to minimize any issues with the blockchain.


A fast and secure DEX engine with all the benefits of traditional centralized exchanges.


CDA - Clone Detection Agent, TNB - Trade Notifier Bot, Meta Trader 5 server deployment - learn more in our WhitePaper.

With globalization, new technologies are emerging in the environment in which we live, having an impact on society as a whole. Cryptocurrencies are a novelty that is inserted in the context of globalization.

The evolution of money as we know will change, and the evolution of every industry all the time is fast, this strongly implies that Cryptocurrencies projects, probably in many forms, will be in our future.

Personally, as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and adopter, I love investing in secure platforms and networks.

What is the use of IDC?

IDC is the base block for the ID.DEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which will
be launched in September of 2019. IDC will be used along with the usual currencies to pay
for commissions and withdrawal fees. Using IDC for this purpose will reduce the
commission load for the end user, and will also guarantee a commission discount and a
minimum transaction cost. ID.DEX is the main project compared to IDC, but it is IDC that
is nothing more than the start of a project.

Benefits of investing in IDC?

Through the initial sale of MasterNode, we will secure a number of serious advantages to
which we should include a quick coin listing, as well as the entry of 5 buyers into the team
as co-owners of the exchange (Detailed information is presented on the project website in
the Like no other section). This is an official operation and these people will be included in
the ownership of the company, the basis of which is the primary task of the development
team after listing IDC on a third-party exchange. Future IDC After December 31, 2019, we
will make an IDC hardfork, the result of which will be a complete transition to the PoS
consensus, so we will solve the problem of generating blocks for ID.DEX. We will also
provide an opportunity for IDC holders to switch from PoS to dPoS and store their coins
on the online version of the wallet. The second result of hard forks will be the limitation of
the maximum number of masternodes in the network based on their age. Only the oldest
100 nodes will get slots in the blockchain after hardfork. Running ID.DEX will also
change the block time, which is required to ensure ID.DEX transaction processing speed.

Project ID.DEX In the future

We plan to launch DEX based on IDC, and connect the FIAT payment gateways to it. In
the active testing process is a client-server application Meta Trader 5, which has a rich set
of tools for professional trading on the exchange. In addition, ID.DEX will receive
connectors for third-party trading platforms focused on professional trading.
After hard forks, we will also provide our clients with self-regulating governance, which
allows us to determine the development path of ID.DEX by voting according to the
interests of our clients.


Based on the above, we create excellent conditions for those who are interested in long-
time investment.Unlike the rest of DEX, we are the FIRST, that offers the first investors not just a
percentage of the total number of coins, but also shares of the future company, which will
be registered in Estonia, in accordance with the deadline specified in the roadmap. Only
the first 5 MasterNodes will have the opportunity to own shares of the future company.
Thus, choosing us - you ensure your future. IC - Chain, 06/14/2019 "like no other".



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Galahads - Brazillian Crypto lover
Galahads - Brazillian Crypto lover

Cryptoinvestor #btc #eth #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bounty #bountyhunter

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