What could be the trigger to XRP recent pump.

What could be the trigger to XRP recent pump.

By Itech | Crypto trading tips | 9 Jan 2021

I was doing a background research on the possible outcome to the recent price momentum of XRP token and found some key facts that could be a possible trigger to the price recent price movement.

Firstly, I had to relate the recent price movements to the news on the XLM contract agreement with Ukraine to be the Hidden momentum.

On the other hand Asia’s Retail FOMO Could Be Behind XRP’s Rally Despite SEC’s Lawsuit, that would be a good take for me.

Statistically, 95% of XRP is traded outside of US leaving us to just 5% of XRP traded within US  and so there could be a possible price movements caused by investors outside the United States.

I remember Brad made a statement in a tweet and I quote,

The legal process can be slow! Things may seem quiet, but there is plenty happening behind the scenes. We’ll be filing our initial response within weeks.

Or could it be the New development of a central bank digital currency CBDC that is the driven momentum and also giving investors more confidence.

All the facts and finds are quite a lot to make the market react swiftly. And also to expect more of such movements in the future. 


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Crypto trading tips
Crypto trading tips

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