Homelessness is a well-known issue in the United States Of America, Is crypto a good fit to solve this?----New Version

Homelessness is a well-known issue in the United States Of America, Is crypto a good fit to solve this?----New Version

Homelessness is a well-known issue in the United States Of America, Is crypto a good fit to solve this?


Personally, I see crypto to be a good investment for most of the peoples because it has got one of the best leverage when you know what you are doing or what you will be doing with it. Anyway, I have just one question here for you and that question is:


If you have got away or ways of investing a piece of money for the highest return on investment, with that all money what would you do?

For sure, I really think that the most answers will be, I will spend!


Yes! I will spend for every single thing I need to change my life of crouse for the better. That means housing, food, clothes, and so on... 

Because the most important thing for most of the people out there is to change their everyday living so at that time money become a real tool to do so but you have to have it to be able to spend it. Otherwise, you just do nothing and everything will getting worst or fall apart.


I know for a fact that there are a bunch of services with the power to help you settle right back on your feet and to restart your life for better service like the department of social and human services. Those departments have got some degree of leverage to assist the people by providing Food access, Bill Support, and rental assistance to make it at least until the end of the month until the causes ended.


I would like to add one thing about all of this: for a lot of people, homelessness looks like a pandemic or a kind of virus, and those who have got it might be kind of stupid or people with a lack of seriousness. But for sure, people have been misled and drive through bad plans or agendas with the aim to worst others for decades maybe to rule over them and add to it the actual COVID-19 with all stimulus money don't make that much difference...


Benefits are well known here in the US, and most people at least once in their life have been thinking about having free money ready to spend for whatever and for the most people with a kind power on it is even able to turn on the circle by giving total wrong pieces of information just because they want to be you and enjoy your stuff: money or benefits.


Personally, I don't know how to apply for benefits without sending supportive documents, but for a lot of cases the agents at the other side where you sending usually think that you are sending support for him or her to become you and eat all thing, assuming you are an idiot to send them documents for proof. In such a world I don't see how homelessness will be finishing and I don't see how people will go study because even the well-known FAFSA application has got the same problem for decades.


For the FAFSA application, from 2018 until now, I can't even study even with the approval because for those all schools I have been applying I was and still an idiot sends them supporting documents for them to be me and to receive what the name to be free money (Grants + loan), maybe because I'm a half-man or an animal who doesn't deserve to study.


Housing, Food, Transportation, and Education are just the basis for anyone in this world who wants to start his life, but we still struggling out there to find this, how can someone like me be proud to say that we build a great economy.


There is a bunch of plans to eradicate the phenomena but when the people are not guided through the right path it's just useless, unfortunately, some other peoples come and own properties they really don't deserve because they suppose to owned by those in trouble. The result is that it keeps growing...


There are an estimated 553,742 people in the United States experiencing homelessness on a given night, according to the most recent national point-in-time estimate (January 2017). This represents a rate of approximately 17 people experiencing homelessness per every 10,000 people in the general population according to www.endhomelessness.org.


Take a look at the percentage of homelessness per state and lets me know on comment what do you think about it?

Because for me, homelessness is a real issue for most of the family, and for sure as the seed of the economy it is hurting somewhere even if you do not yet see where it is hurting.  







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