El mejor futbolista

By Gabriel17 | Futbol | 5 Feb 2021

Soccer is the most watched and practiced sport in Mexico and much of the world, for many the best, soccer more than a sport is a passion, a unique feeling. Some people wonder who is the best player of all time. Will it be pele? the footballer ahead of his time who played against bricklayers, peasants, workers. That footballer who played when there was no out of place, yes, the same one who played when the coach of his team said: you play, and you are the striker, your goalkeeper, go or analyze the rivals they only played like street football, and of tactics not to mention that they did not exist Or is it maradona? If the first great genius that existed when football already went beyond 'play as you know', yes the one who was faster and stronger than all his opponents. The marvelous genius who astonished the whole world in Mexico 86, to his bad luck has an indelible stain: positive for cocaine, and his whole life would be seen differently as a result of that, generating doubts about the origin of his technique, speed, strength; Some say that I take advantage of drugs. Or messi? The 10 of barcelona who has not played in another team other than barça, the one who does not need a World Cup to position himself at the top, the footballer who can play as' 10 '' 9 '' 8 '' 11 '' 7 ', the crack who does not need to show in the Argentine National Team, which shows week after week in football club Barcelona, ​​the genius that when his team loses, you, you and you are to blame, is that that he could not do everything alone, is that, is that, no! No gentlemen, the true best footballer of all time is DON CRISTIANO RONALDO The only one capable of carrying his team on his shoulder, Yes, the only one who when things don't go, he appears and shows why he is the best, MR CHAMPIONS, top scorer in the history of the Champions League, top scorer in the history of the best team in the world, top scorer in the history of the Portuguese national team, the guy who scores goals from the head, left leg, right leg, free kick, penalty, ufff that this man will not do well. Blessed are we who were born in the time of CRISTIANO RONALDO DOS SANTOS AVEIRO

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