Obesity is a disease that anyone can fall victim to.

Obesity is a disease that anyone can fall victim to.

In North America, today, obesity is becoming a disease epidemic that more and more people are having problems with. Not only does it cause emotional problems, but also leads to other health disorders, from heart disease to arthritis.

Obesity makes no distinction in age, striking young and old, alike. Age has no affect on weight, but what does are two major factors that are within our ability to change…diet and exercise.

More children are overweight in today’s world than there have ever been in history. There are several factors involved in this problem. Parents are working full time, which means there is less time to cook healthy, balanced meals, so people are eating more convenience foods. Precooked, preprocessed foods contain more fats than those we prepare for ourselves.

Children no longer play outside for hours, unsupervised, like they used to do. So the exercise they used to get is no longer in the picture. They are spending more and more time inside, playing video games and watching television.

When a child’s attention is commanded by the addictive play of video games, its hard for any kind of old fashioned exercise to get them interested.

Diet, of course, is one of the major contributors to your health and weight. High fat, over-processed foods are to blame, many experts claim, for the fact that so many people are overweight. With less time to shop and cook, people aren’t getting the healthy home-cooked meals they used to get.

The good thing is that obesity can be prevented, reversed, and controlled, in most situations. Daily routines present some snares that you should be aware of. Being too tired, when you get home from work, to cook a meal for your family, is one of them. One thing that will help is planning ahead. You can make meal time quick and easy if you prepare meals ahead of time, on days when you don’t have to work, or evenings when you’ve had an easy day at the job.

Snacking on unhealthy foods is another trap that people fall into. Carrying some healthy, convenient snacks to work and school will mean you always have something good for you at the times when hunger strikes. Carrot sticks, pretzels, and dried fruits as some examples.

Getting some form of exercise, three to five days a week should become part of your routine. You can do this very inexpensively, by just going for a walk outside. You don’t have to spend a bunch on money on a gym membership in order to get some exercise.

Watch what you put into your body, make sure you exercise, and be aware of the traps. This will help you prevent obesity from claiming you as its next victim.

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