I have never used Luna or UST, sorry guys

By FunFavst | FunFavst | 14 May 2022

In these days of May 2022, there is no doubt that the main front pages are the unexpected and chilling fall of Luna Terra, but above all the loss of stability of the UST coin. This is my opinion as I never used these coins at some point.


Of course, this uncertainty with the issue of the slump in cryptos, especially with Bitcoin, which is the leading voice in this world until further notice (waiting for independence from those main currencies and let's stop worrying so much about it) is part of the halving that It has already been shared in another post here


But as it has been said in the title, of so many coins that there are in the market, it was the one that had the least option, since I prefer the usual ones Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and the stablecoins to USDT (which It's another story, so many doubts have been read about this currency but at the moment it is still on the edge of "correct") BUSD, DAI or USDC. Yes, I feel my sorrows in all the investors who were in the Terra world and woke up that May 11 with the horrible news that their 2 trusted currencies went down.

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As far as one understands, both LUNA and UST were in the first places of coin trading, LUNA was always close to the TOP 10 while UST was at the edge of that group although not as high as the other stablecoins competitions, there the high impact of his fall. Not everything seems lost yet in TERRA, which seeks to rise like a phoenix as long as its operations are not closed, there will always be hope. The classic 1% chance, 99% faith.



Yes, one can choose other currencies and not so directly feel affected by placing trust in other cryptos, but that is a warning not to trust oneself because if LUNA and UST gave them this hard blow in the Crypto Winter that is already a reality, the others could happen the same. So, it is better to check your wallets every day and not be caught off guard.

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