Created FVFTK Token in Memo.Cash, but how?

By FunFavst | FunFavst | 9 May 2022

A few days on this page seeing its benefits and discovering the option to create tokens generated a lot of interest and we have created it.


Original post HERE in Read.Cash:


For those who do not know Memo.Cash is a page that is a social network where each post will go to a blockchain and depending on your content creation you can receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from other users.


Well, one has posted there and everything until we got the TOKENS option where you can create your own from those BCH bases which gave us a great option to generate money, thinking at the time and "why not"? Let's give it


If it is to start generating more in this magical world of cryptocurrencies, you have to take a good step to start some good foundations and those same ones were born TODAY April 22, 2022.


If you read us and want to do the same to have your first label in the digital world, then follow these steps more or less, it's very simple. First of all, you register of course being on the page, you must go to the TOKENS section. Being there you must press the CREATE option that will direct you to the image below to assemble your first own coin. AH YES, our coin will be called FunFavstTK (the token) with the initials FVFTK. You can place as many tokens as you want.


Having it created, will tell you that you have already completed your digital currency in the Memo.Cash blockchain but... there is still another step to place it on the market and what should you do? Sell ​​those tokens you created


As for putting your created token up for sale, earlier on this page, there are 2 posts that inspired us to continue starting this project. We saw from the user who published @Monolith this process of how to sell your tokens, there is the link.

In your same created tokens as you can see, you see the green option that says FOR SALE where you must proceed to make that indicated sale.


FVFTK Official Token page here, if you want buy tokens thanks:


It is advisable not to place high prices if you are starting, so put a minimum price between 1000 and 5000 as one placed it with the number of tokens you want to sell you give to LIST and as that word LISTO says, keep an eye out for them to buy you your tokens as we are waiting from now on.


In POV, it seems like a good start to understanding what is another important chapter in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is clear that it will not make us millionaires overnight, but if you start increasing your creation in cents until that weight reaches a few dollars, plus the demand for offered tokens will be a great path to the stable economic life that one dreams of, it is just first stage.

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