The Lazy Way to Get BTC

By Albin | funcrypto | 25 Feb 2021

Each morning I open my laptop and immediately it starts paying me Satoshi, and it continues to do so all day long without my doing anything. I love it. The program I use is called CryptoTap. It is actually a browser that work like Crome. You simply download and install the browser and it starts earning for you. Now I have three browsers on my computer: Crome, Firefox, and CryptoTab. I continue to earn regardless of which browser I am using.

In CryptoTab, you can create your own mining network by inviting new users via your personal link. Mining network includes up to 10 levels of referrals, which means you will get income from your friends mining, their friends mining and further on. In addition, the number of referrals on each level is unlimited. By inviting just a few people, you can significantly increase your income. My referral link is

Some other features are that you can easily adjust your mining speed, you can use CryptoTab on your mobile devices, and you can import your bookmarks. When you use CryptoTab it will use one tab on it browser, and on this tap you can view you bitcoin earnings progress and details about your account.

The photo on this post is of the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen in North East Switzerland. It is the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

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