The Dilemma of Faucets

By Albin | funcrypto | 11 Mar 2021

Are you tired of doing surveys and viewing ads and receiving only micro amounts of crypto in exchange?

I joined one of the well know faucets about a month ago and worked it hard. I received from the faucets (one for tokens and one for crypto) on a regular basis, did numerous surveys, and looked at a great many ads. It took a little over a minute to draw from a faucet, so it was about two and a half minutes for both. I reached their level 44, which I thought was very good for only three weeks. Then I cashed out, First I converted all the tokens to crypto. Then I converted all the crypto I just converted plus the crypto I won from the faucets to cash. My earning were a whopping $1.85. I was stunned and disgusted. What a small reward for the many hours I spent on that site. Needless to say I stopped using that site.

Now I use my computer for more profitable things. However, I still use three faucets. From one I get DOGE, from the second I get BNB, and the third gives me TRX. They can each be drawn from once per hour. I have set the three on next to each other tabs on my FireFox and I leave the sites open (it is nice that they stay open and do not timeout). They sound a soft chime when an hour is up. Then, if I am at my computer, I go to each site and roll the faucet, It takes me less then 60 seconds to roll all three faucets, which I consider a very minor divergence from my other tasks, such as airdrops. And if I am away and thus delay in doing the rolls it is not a big deal.

This is a slow way to build up some crypto, but I spend very little time on it. Eventually there will be some worthwhile coins to send to my wallet. And between faucets rolls I can do more profitable tasks.

All three faucets are by the same owners and they look and operate the same. They do offer surveys, which I ignore. Here are the join links if you are interested.

The picture is of a flower stand in San Francisco about 1950.  I remember such a stand on Market Street in San Francisco from when I was a young boy. That was a long time ago.

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