New Free Coin on Coinbase

By Albin | funcrypto | 4 Mar 2021

Coinbase has very recently added a new coin in their rewards section. The new coin is Numerai NMR. After signing into coinbase you will need to watch 3 short videos, each 1 minute long and answer an easy 1 question quiz. Then you will have earned $3 worth of NMR. Not much, but maybe it will increase in value, or you can exchange it for a different coin.

If you are new to coinbase, there are other coins there that you can earn on in a similar easy manner. From them you can get an additional $31.

After signing in to coinbase you will see a menu going down the left side of your screen. The second icon from the bottom is "Earn Rewards". Click on it. That is where you will find these offers. They might not all be at the same location, so browse the whole page. Enjoy.

The picture is of a road on the North East shore of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, about 1950. The mountain shore line is very steep there. Today tunnels have replaced that old road. The Swiss love tunnels. The mountain is the Bristenstock.

You can join coinbase here

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